Apple’s iPhone 7/Plus sales may reach record 100 million units in 2016 alone

“Apple may sell up to 100 million iPhone 7s by the end of the year thanks to better-than-expected initial sales, likely a direct result of rival Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7, South Korean analysts say,” Cho Mu-Hyun reports for ZDNet.

“Korean component vendors for Apple expected a volume of 80 million to 85 million units, but this has jumped by between 17-25 percent to over 100 million by the end of the year, said IBK Investment & Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo,” Cho reports. “‘The order to stop using the Galaxy Note 7 and continuous incidents of them exploding in the US likely have leaned US consumers towards the iPhone,’ said Lee, in a note to clients. ‘It is indisputable that the Galaxy Note 7 incident has become a huge plus for Apple.'”

“Hi Investment & Securities analysts Song Eun-jeong said Apple will recover its top position in the high-premium smartphone market — phones that cost over $600 — thanks to the iPhone 7,” Cho reports. “US telcos are actively promoting the iPhone since the Note 7’s recall, another boon, Song said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And once the great unwashed finally try a real iPhone, the phone which all others try and fail to emulate, it’s all over for Samsung.

As with the Mac, once you go iPhone, you never go back.

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  1. Predictions of iPhone 7 sales records are suspect. We all know the new number years have peak sales, but the 2-year upgrade cycle is not as strong as it used to be when US carriers forced 2-year contracts. And let’s face it, the iPhone 7 offers stuff that a lot of people just don’t care about. Taptic Engines are not selling points, certainly not worth the extra $100 Apple charges for the 7 versus the 6S to a lot of people.

    Apple hasn’t released sales figures. We all know that Cook never fills initial demand for any rollout. What evidence do we have here to make a prediction that the 7 is going to set records? How many people will replace their Sammy phone or iPhone 6 to a 6S instead? Sales may be strong, and it may be a record thanks to Samsung switchers, but I strongly doubt the iPhone 7 will be the top selling model.

    MDN, stop spreading factless speculation just because you want to believe its true.

    1. If you have an older iPhone then why would people not upgrade to a brand new iPhone for free? I even got full credit for a 5s. The real question is why would anybody not take advantage of these deals? It’s beyond a no-brainer.

  2. This is the first iPhone release that I intend to ignore. We currently have an iPhone 6s and a 6. They seem to meet our needs. Nothing ground braking in this new release that will entice me to buy. However, I might get two Apple watches this Xmas season :-). I am in the market for a new desktop Mac and an iPadPro. So Apple has plenty of products that still entice me.

  3. “US telcos are actively promoting the iPhone since the Note 7’s recall, another boon, Song said.”

    I rarely watch broadcast TV, but did catch the first half of Sunday Night Football. It seems like every other advertisement was a carrier promoting the $0 for an iPhone 7 with trade-in.

    It also appears the Chinese carriers are getting in on the discounting frenzy by offering 25-50% discounts on the iPhone 7. So, this becomes a no-brainer decision for the Chinese. Why would the consumer spend money on inferior phones when the best smartphone and ecosystem on the planet is the same price?

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