How iPhone 7/Plus hints at Apple’s 2017 breakthrough

Apple’s “track record over the last few years shows a slow amassing of features over several generations that contribute to something bigger down the line,” Scott Stein and Roger Cheng write for CNET.

“Just look at Passbook, a minor app introduced in 2012, and the TouchID fingerprint reader introduced in the iPhone 5S a year later. Apple used those two elements to power its Apple Pay payment system, introduced in the subsequent iPhone 6,” Stein and Cheng write. “Siri, the digital voice assistant unveiled in 2011, is just starting to show her true potential as she works with HomeKit and an increasing array of apps.”

“If history repeats itself, the new elements of the iPhone 7 — the new static “button,” the dual-lens camera on the 7 Plus and, yes, even the move away from the headphone jack — may prove to be the foundation for some bigger changes ahead for next year’s iPhone,” Stein and Cheng write. “Apple’s big 10th anniversary iPhone could be where the company pulls out all the stops. So sit back as we attempt to read the tea leaves left to us by the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Think “sheet of glass.” Edge-to-edge (horizontal) to edge-to-edge (vertical) display. No bezel at all. The device just fades away.


  1. “MacDailyNews Take: Think “sheet of glass.” Edge-to-edge (horizontal) to edge-to-edge (vertical) display. No bezel at all. The device just fades away.”

    And then we put a case on it so we can actually hold on to the darn thing, and also get a bit of impact protection.

    1. The brilliant part is that the system will ASSUME the addition of a battery/case unit. You pick the one that represents the protection/capacity you want. You can get a case that wraps around and makes a bezel OR a case that truly allows the thinness to shine (but with only 10 hours of battery life) or any of MANY different ones from third parties… like the exclusive PIP BOY version 🙂

      1. I’m holding out for the jelly roll version; it fits in your pocket like a ballpoint pen, and when you click it the screen zips out in all its’ rigid plus size glory, awaiting the touch of your fingers. Hmmm, maybe I could have stated that a bit better.

    2. You guys all keep beating the same drum: “Wait til you see what next year brings!”

      The iPhone 7, while there are some nice updates to it, is nothing more than a modest, incremental improvement over the previous two iPhones.

      As a 6 Plus owner, I have no reason to upgrade.

      The Apple Watch? Yawn.

      Innovation has slowed at Apple. Cook is not the right person to lead.

      1. If you have no need for a much better camera, significant increase in speed, water resistance, stereo speakers, 3D touch, improved battery life–ok, but sales seem to indicate most people do.

        Suggest you try the watch before you knock it–great device.

      2. Usually people who have last years model don’t have a big reason to upgrade. Most keep a phone 2 to 3 years. For someone like me the 7 is a big insensitive to move from my 5s. The optical image stabilization was the one thing I wanted from the 6 plus/ 6s plus. I can’t use the large size, living in Florida I hardly ever where jackets. The plus size doesn’t fit well in shorts or jeans. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this now that they update the 5 earlier this year. However the 7 is a good size and OIS, 3D Touch, and weather proof is making me want to spend some cash. So come back in 2 years and you will be excited again.

        iOS 10 rocks.

  2. And then where do you go from there (before the jaded impatienati demand pointless device innovation just because that even they haven’t a clue about) without something radical and years off from a usable tech taking it’s place? And even then it would have to be something preferable to a full face OLED display.

  3. I don’t understand it. These tech critics are never satisfied with Apple products because they always lack innovation. What about the rest of the products that surround them at home? Their refrigerators, microwaves ovens, toasters, cars, radios, TVs, computers, etc. Don’t tell me all their other devices have great leaps in functionality every year and they’ve also got beefs with all those other companies. It’s just rather stupid to expect these huge leaps from Apple and not expect huge leaps from all the other consumer product companies.

    1. Because they want something flashy and obvious.

      “The iPhone 7 is the same as the iPhone 6s.”

      But the processor is much faster, the camera is improved and has image stabilization, the display is better, battery life is better, the radios are better, water resistance is better, it has stereo speakers and vastly better software.

      “But it looks like the iPhone 6s so it is the same.”

    2. We don’t expect regular, significant innovations in refrigerators because the category of device is about 100 years old. When refrigerators were less than 10 years old manufacturers WERE coming out with innovations and advances every year or so. The same goes for everything else you list except for computers. The device category is old. (Well you could argue that UHDTVs are newer than iPhones, but there the major players are coming out with new models with significant changes as often as every six months.)

      When the iPhone (and “smart phones” in general) are over 20 years old, everyone will ease off on wanting significant innovations every year.

      Me, I’m still waiting for my EFC Global.

  4. New Home Button => In-screen home button.

    A10 => iOS MacBook

    Bluetooth Headphones => AirPods as an annually updated new product with significant updates coming.

    Ceramic => New materials including Liquidmetal

    Dual cameras => 3+ cameras and future VR.

  5. New Home Button => In-screen home button.

    A10 => iOS MacBook

    Bluetooth Headphones => AirPods as an annually updated new product with significant updates coming.

    Ceramic => New materials including Liquidmetal

    Dual cameras => 3+ cameras and future VR.

    Coming full screen phone => camera embedded in the screen.

  6. Again Stupid regergitated iphone 8 soeculation with zero substantiation.

    Timed to take Attention Away from the great iphone 7 series.

    and MDN is playing the gamr like a puppet!


    1. Puppet? Please. Like most guys who run web sites, MDN is playing the clickbait game. They aren’t filtering out the eejits, and will post just about any crap that has any connexion with Apple whatsoever. We’ve seen that they let flame wars proceed because they generate additional marginal clicks. (Accidental clicks on ads during emotional spasms count toward their daily goal.) Their founding principle is to promote Apple because they make great products that changed their lives, but their sustaining principle is the same as that of every Tom, Dick, and Harry: whatever generates the long green.

      1. Sad… but in my view.. they can be a bit more discreet in their choices, to come across more credible..
        it shpuld be not money money money.. only….. rather than a respectable balance of credibilty and buisness.
        once people get disgusted with the sites approach and philosophy… ….they will leave…
        then there will be no money anymore.

        1. I agree that the site founders should remember their original charter, that is to open people to a good thing, and not go off like they are doing now into a weird cul-de-sac where a few stoned investors are bumping shoulders with a few stoned politicos. These characters are edging out the techies… Who may also be stoned but have something more worth talking about…

          A good start for MDN would be to establish active, rather than desultory, moderation and allow readers to flag comments as offensive. In doing that I expect MDN would take a giant hit in terms of clicks, but it would clean up Dodge City. Nobody should hold their breath, though. Lawlessness still generates all the rewards in the internet, social niceties zero.

  7. I want to say something about Siri. The flaw it has is the need to rely on a cellular connection. I like Siri on wifi, but have as much frustration as delight when actually mobile. Frankly, that goes for Apple Music and every other cloud service. Where I live in Southern California the cell service is spotty and unreliable, either because of location or traffic saturation. Siri is almost worthless if you are moving, and so is any streaming music app. I don’t know about you, but waiting 90 seconds or more for the next song in album to start is a real buzz kill. Maybe can’t help Music, but Siri needs to get more local. Siri shouldn’t have to use a cell network when I ask to go back 1 minute on a podcast.

  8. What difference does edge-to-edge glass make? You only see it for thirty seconds as you put the iPhone in its big clunky case.

    Almost everyone buys a case for their iPhone. It’s a great impulse purchase. You purchase a iPhone, look around the store, the cases catch your eye, and you buy one without thinking. You put it on, and that’s the last you see of the iPhone. Your iPhone is the most beautiful product you own that no one sees, not even you.

    I bought a case in the same purchase as my iPhone. Then a few months later, I took the phone out of the case for some reason. It was much lighter and thinner, it was much less bulky, it was a better fit for my hand and my pocket, and it is much, much nicer to look at. The case had canceled out all the reasons I bought the iPhone! I tossed the case. Over the next year, nothing happened that would have required it. I’ll never waste my money on an iPhone case again.

  9. Look, I love apple, but it’s always the same “next year is the big one!” I’m done with it already. Fully understand that you can’t remake a phone every year, I get it. However put the note 7 next to the iPhone 7 plus and one quickly gets the idea that iPhone design is old, bulky, and ugly… I’ll wait for iPhone 7s or 8 to switch since this year it’s just not worth the trouble.

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