iOS 10 Messages: How to use stickers, iMessages apps, Digital Touch, rich links, and more

“The Messages app is the most frequently used app on iOS, so it makes sense that Apple would lend it plenty of attention in iOS 10. It’s safe to say that the stock Messages app received, by far, the most significant overhaul of all default apps in iOS 10, as it is now a feature-laden package that leverages photos, videos, and Snapchat-inspired markup elements,” Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac.

“Messages in iOS 10 even brings about a dedicated iMessage App Store for adding additional functionality such as stickers, animated GIFs and third-party app extensions that run right within the Messages app interface,” Benjamin reports. “Updated emoji features, inline music and video playback, and brand new effects add a new dimension to Apple’s most popular iOS app.”

“If you’ve steered clear of the betas and have yet to use iOS 10 up until now, then you have a lot of new exciting things to learn,” Benjamin reports. “Because iOS 10’s Messages app refresh is so deep and engaging, we’ve created an in-depth written and video walkthrough. Be sure to watch the full video to gain a solid grasp of many of the new features and enhancements found in Messages for iOS 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hello, learning curve! Messages users, watch the video. After 19 minutes, you’ll be on much firmer ground in iOS 10.


  1. Listen, bash away all you want because you can look at my history and know I’m an Apple guy… but Messages is a mess. Layer upon layer of shite, stickers having to load every time you swipe through them…

    Simple solution – have an option in Settings/Messages to disable everything except what we used to have in iOS 9 and bring some semblance and simplicity back to what used to be a fucking quick in out App. Messsages has crashed twice today on my iPhone, the last time this App crashed is never.

    1. do you honestly think Apple gives you that choice?

      iOS, like most other software, is a never ending ratcheting upgrade cycle driven by security fuck ups, bugs, and then features. in that order. then with arrogance on full display, Apple makes it damn near impossible to revert back to the prior iOS version. millions of us would have completely skipped over that hideous iOS7 if only Apple let us. Some of us would revert our iPhone 4S models back to iOS6 if we could.

      unlike OS X, where Snow Leopard users are happily working with the latest programs and not missing out on practically any missing performance or features, … iOS devices beyond ~4 years old will be slowed to a crawl by the increasing bloat of every new OS. There’s absolutely no point in installing an iOS version to support 3D touch and stuff that isn’t applicable to the old hardware you own.

      Sadly the same is true now for the Mac. 10 years ago, immediately updating Apple software was a joy. now i have stopped installing major updates to avoid the hassles, takeaways, and incompatibilities that always seem to occur, just like Windows.

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