Apple CEO Tim Cook: AirPods won’t fall out of your ears (with video)

“Apple CEO Tim Cook has dismissed concerns consumers might have that his company’s new wireless headphones – dubbed AirPods – may fall out and become easily lost,” Paul Blake reports for Good Morning America.

“In a wide-ranging and exclusive interview with ABC News’ ‘Good Morning America’ set to air on Wednesday, Cook told Robin Roberts that he had used the new headphones in a number of scenarios without incident, including on a treadmill and while dancing,” Blake reports.

“Roberts joked with Cook that ABC News colleague Michael Strahan was convinced he was going to lose the new phones, which appear similar to Apple’s standard in-ear headphones, but connect wirelessly to the phone,” Blake reports. “The wireless ear buds are scheduled to go on sale in late October and cost $159.”

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MacDailyNews Take: They’re extremely light. With no wires (weight and/or catching on things) to pull them out. That, along with their ear-shaped design, makes them stay in your ears far better than most people who’ve just seen photos seem to expect.

Again, as for the AirPods looking alien: Tape a pair of wires on the ends of each and you’ll see that they look very much like the type of earphones that everyone is very used to seeing by now (which, by the way, for those that remember, we weren’t used to seeing before iPod – people though those looked “alien,” too). We’ll all get used to the lack of wires soon enough.

Whoever makes the first AirPods strap is going to get rich – September 8, 2016


  1. Geez, wireless PowerBeats have been out for years now, hasn’t anyone used these? I haven’t used my headphone jack for as long as I can remember, it’s a dinosaur as far as I’m concerned. I don’t understand why people are making this such a big deal. For me far more interesting are the upcoming BeatsX, in spite of their still being connected by a wire.

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