Is Apple’s iCloud storage worth $239.88 per year?

“It does appear that you might need an iCloud Drive more than ever with the new macOS,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “That’s because of a third feature that uses iCloud, where the contents of your Desktop and Documents folders are shared. For me, that’s 250GB, which may be on the low side for those engaged in audio and video work.”

“So that means many of you are forced to upgrade your iCloud storage. Unfortunately, Apple gives you just 5GB free, but there are several packages with more storage, a lot more storage after a recent change,” Steinberg writes. “I’ve opted not to share my work folders for now. It would cost me $9.99 a month for 1TB. Instead, I’ve opted for the 99 cents a month package, 50GB, sufficient for my music and photo libraries. I already have two external backup drives for all my stuff, plus an account with CrashPlan for online backups.”

“Well, ahead of the arrival of macOS Sierra, presumably in late September or some time in October, Apple has updated its iCloud Drive plans. No, you do not get more free storage, and the rates are otherwise unchanged, but there’s a new 2TB tier for $19.99 a month or, as the title states, $239.88 per year,” Steinberg writes. “Now that might seem a tad costly, but it’s not, at least it’s not if you consider one of Apple’s main rivals in the cloud storage business, and that’s Google.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It depends on what you’re doing with it.

Apple’s full list of iCloud storage plans and pricing is here.

Apple adds new 2TB iCloud storage tier for $19.99 per month – August 31, 2016


  1. Most people who are using the 2TB plan are likely using it for video projects and will be moving terabytes worth of data back and forth every few weeks.
    Yea, that’s not free.

  2. No.
    I have the .99 iCloud Drive service. I thought it was great until a few months back. I recently had my files deleted due to technical issues. The best I could surmise is while remoting into other work machines, and logged into my work pc, it was having issues guessing which profile was correct. Unfortunately this went on for a while. I’m not sure exactly, but somewhere around 20 files were deleted.
    Additionally, I’d love to see sync settings that allow me to sync all, or only selected folders to my computer. If I have 2 terabytes of data, I don’t want it synced across multiple machines. I want one for work, one for home etc….

    1. I’m not a Google fan myself, but this logic is slightly flawed, because Google doesn’t offer a 2TB option. The 1TB option is identical to Apple’s pricing, but this $1,199.88 you mention is for 10TB. Still a much bigger ripoff of course, which was the point you were making…

  3. Forget it. Apple has always had a hard on for memory pricing, just look at the disparity when you configure Mac’s memory, as compared to the same, identical memory prices on OWC’s site (when you used to be able to upgrade and install memory). And the premium you pay to get the next level of memory on iPhones, iPads. If you think Apple is going to reduce pricing for cloud storage, it is doubtful. If anything, they will increase pricing eventually. Just create you own cloud storage. It is easy, and cheap and you have ultimate control. This isn’t slamming Apple, but just a historical fact.

    1. Historically, Apple has been reducing pricing on iCloud storage, or increasing storage for the same price – so your assumption that Apple will ‘certainly’ increase pricing is not supported by historical fact.

      So, your ‘historical fact’ is complete incorrect.

  4. The right question to ask is “Are there people willing to pay that much?”

    The answer to that question is “yes” and Apple is going to make a ton of money off of this 🙂

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