“The White House says the Obama administration is concerned that American taxpayers will ultimately bear the brunt of the European Union’s decision requiring Apple to pay billions of dollars in back taxes,” The Associated Press reports. “White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Apple could deduct the payment from those back taxes to the amount owed the United States government. Earnest says that’s not fair to American taxpayers.”

“Earnest says it’s important for the U.S. and Europe to work collaboratively on the goal of preventing the unfair erosion of the tax base rather than taking a unilateral approach,” AP reports. “When asked about the EU’s concerns about an unfair playing field within Europe, Earnest says he won’t discuss internal EU business, but that President Barack Obama is committed to ensuring American companies and taxpayers are treated fairly.”

“Bernie Sanders is applauding the European Union’s ruling that Apple must pay 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) plus interest in back taxes to Ireland,” AP reports. “The Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate tweeted Tuesday that ‘huge corporations can’t be allowed to use loopholes and tax havens to boost their obscene profits even higher… Apple’s earnings in 2015 were the highest reported of any corporation in history, yet apparently that wasn’t enough.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: High earnings means you should be unfairly taxed? That’s some strange, addled “logic.”

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