Huge Apple Mac collection up for auction

“A huge collection of Apple Macs, dating to the tech giant’s early years, is offered at Roland Auctions,” Paul Fraser Collectibles reports.

“All originate from the collection of the famous New York based Apple retailer and repair shop Tekserve, which recently closed its doors after close to 30 years in business,” PFC reports. “The auction house comments: ‘Apple computer aficionados, technology collectors, and dedicated patrons alike will vie for some familiar (and many never before seen) items from the iconic store’s permanent collection.'”

“These will include a single lot of 35 Macintosh computers including a first generation signed by company co-founder Steve Wozniak, an original iMac and a 1994 iBook,” PFC reports. “It’s expected to realise $12,000-14,000 on August 23.”

The Tekserve Collection
The Tekserve Collection

“The sale will feature a wealth of other rare technology from Tekserve’s archives, including radios, typewriters and even a robot,” PFC reports. “The company’s five cent Coca-Cola machine is also up for grabs.”

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MacDailyNews Note: More info, and to register for the auction and bid on items, here.

Tekserve, precursor to the Apple Store, to close after 29 years – June 30, 2016

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David” for the heads up.]


  1. While that IS quite the collection. I have my own collection, little as it may be, as I still have every Mac computer I have purchased. #ImaHoarderOfTheGoodStuff

  2. When your humble commenter used to go to the Apple Xpos’ here in London, all the demonstration machines flew like sh*t off a chrome shovel — maxed out with full capacity RAM in the latest top model.

    These machines were an amazing sight to behold.

    We knew how much buying an identical set-up would cost and would look on in envy. Rendering 3D models in near real-time, large format printing, Photoshop™ taking seconds to boot (instead of a minute), and so on.

    Assuming these examples at auction are equally equipped, and all still work, they deserve to fetch the amount quoted.

    Personally, I think — after I’m gone — my kit will be bequeathed to the Mac Museum.

    That will be no problem for my wife.

    Damn it.

  3. And in case anyone is interested, the collection went for $47,000 + a 25% buyer’s premium. It was sitting at $29k until late afternoon on the day the auction ended.

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