Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes systems, breaks millions of webcams

“The Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs started rolling out more than two weeks ago,” Usama Jawad reports for Neowin.While many have been happy with the new features and improvements it brings, thousands of others are reportedly experiencing critical issues, that are rendering their machines unresponsive.”

“The news of the OS causing system freezes broke out a couple of days after the rollout of the Anniversary Update began, and now a new report suggests that the update has caused another frustrating issue for users around the globe,” Jawad reports. “The Windows 10 Anniversary Update broke millions of webcams.”

“However, a problem which supposedly passed unseen through the company’s internal testing procedures and Windows Insider Program feedback, is that when a webcam tries to use MJPEG or H264, the device freezes,” Jawad reports. “The issue impacts not only consumers but enterprise users as well, and affects a variety of webcams, including those manufactured by Logitech.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good to see that life in Windozeland is as fraught with hair-pulling frustration as ever.

If it’s not a Mac, it’s not a Mac.


    1. Yeah, this is very true of Windows users. It’s funny, Mac users rarely need backups, and yet we’re more likely to make them. Windows users are more likely to need backups, and yet they’re less likely to make them.

  1. This update actually ruined our test VM, and we had to rebuild it. It seems fine now after the latest parallels release, but that was a pain. And yes people should always back up.

  2. The best way to install 1607 is clean.

    In an enterprise situation, where windows has been configured to corportate liking, such as stripping out all consumer level add-ons, yes the Microsoft store apps, upgrading to 1607, puts them all back in.

    Microsoft continues to convert core system programs, such as calculator and sticky notes to store apps. Say goodbye to thoses.

    I don’t expect you to agree with me, but where I work, it’s what was decided. No metro, add classic shell, and then 1607 when we are good and ready, and only on a clean install. System – Windows Updates, is a shame. Either update through PowerShell or WSUS where you have control and get to choose what gets installed.

  3. And people (like me) bitch about Apple’s buggy OS releases! At least Apple aren’t THIS horrendously bad. 💋💀

    I’m avoiding updating my virtual ‘Doze 10 installation in Parallels until MicroShite get this right. CU next month! 😛

    1. /rant

      All of them, Apple, Microsoft, and the rest, are BAD. We needn’t apologise for trashing them, any more than we should refrain from criticising our politicians, friends and family, and even outright strangers for behaviour we consider insufficient to win our outright admiration. The truth is, the default state of the human species is bitching and complaining. Every day is a bad hair day, and I don’t refer to Donald Trump. The new black is black, as in our future. It isn’t Apple that is doomed, it’s ALL OF US. We are all going to die relatively soon, yet we can’t bother to be civil to our neighbors!?What hath God wrought, indeed.

      What a bloody forlorn, wasted, species. Mark Twain called Death another name for the End of the Madness.

      /end rant

      1. Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad
        Other things just make you swear and curse
        When you’re chewin’ on life’s gristle, don’t grumble give a whistle
        And this’ll help things turn out for the best

        And always look on the bright side of life
        Always look on the light side of life.

        1. Thx for the lift. I am back on the Sunny Side of the Street, after installing the macOS Sierra public beta. My Mac Pro is so snappy now! And Siri’s her new voice. It’s fun having her rummage thru my old files

      2. I relate. 🙁

        I get through it with these thoughts from my ‘inner world’:

        Our big gift in life is choice. There are no demons, no devil, no evil forces out to get us, no goat whose sacrifice will lift any curse. We humans live in two worlds: (1) The real one that made us and sustains us, the ‘outer world’. (2) The interpreted and abstracted world that we have inside out heads, the ‘inner world’. We make choices. Those choices affect both. Outcomes result.

        Herself above points out common outcomes. They motivate depression with regards to humanity. I point out that the more there are of us on miracle planet Earth, our only home, the more horrific outcomes.

        One of the greatest forms of evidence of the innate desire and nature of humans is what happens to us when we win the game we’ve set up called finance. What do we do? We act like lazy, selfish, stupid bastards. Thus the Republican party mass behavior. Thus the Corporatocracy. Thus the continual meme of Kill The Poor, Feed The Rich. Thus the deliberate ignorance of those we can help to become their best selves while working hard to become our worst selves. Watch the rich and mourn mankind.

        We are a profoundly insecure species, from bottom to top of the finance level. We behave accordingly. This helps me understand what’s going on with mankind.

        What makes me want to live on through this Other-People’s-Problems onslaught of garbage is:

        A) I’m here to learn. What I choose to learn is how to become my best self.
        B) Along the way I enjoy helping others to become their best selves.
        C) Along the way I find some joy, in pursuit of helping others to become their best selves, in trampling the trolls who choose to do the opposite to their fellow humans.
        D) Synchronicity. This is what I call ‘god’ interacting with me. This is how I receive my greatest lessons regarding life and existence. This is the empirical ‘god’ for me. This is what allows me more than faith. It allows me to be part of something going on in the universe that is NOT the bad choices of my fellow humans. It is what inspires me and makes me strive to get through the human garbage to what’s next, according to my own self now and my own best self ahead. It’s the spirit that exists outside and apart from body and mind. It’s where I’m going. It makes death ‘the End of the Madness’, specifically other people’s madness. I will relish it and be so grateful to move on…. Meanwhile, there’s always more to learn, share, engender, encourage.

        Thank you as ever, herself, for encouraging and challenging me.

      3. Whoa. Did you just trip on some bad pharmaceuticals or did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed? Yes, there’s a lot of bad things going on in the world – always has been. Don’t let the bad things that you have no control over suck you in – they will destroy you. From my point of view, if you are in good health, its a beautiful sunny day, and you have friends, family and loved ones around, life is pretty good – especially if you have an iPhone to talk with them. Maybe you need a virtual hug from one of them.

    1. Some of us are not exactly smug but have worked on a variety of network configurations and have documented a higher frequency of reports from Windows boxes compared to Mac or Linux. Our reports do not contain a smugness index, only objective, numerical failure rates that cast a ghastly glare upon Windows… fire Satya Nadella!!!

  4. This update took out my iMac OWC SSD. It screwed up my OS X partition/Applecare even tried to help with no luck. Even tried Direk’s Nuke and Boot, and wrote zeros ect. I have a new drive coming from Amazon Prime Now. I think Microsoft screwed with Ring Zero on this update. Macbook Pro made it ok.

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