Woz on Tim Cook’s first 5 years as Apple CEO: ‘I am very happy with the way Apple is going’

“When Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the concern was that no one would be able to succeed him,” Rahil Bhagat reports for CNET. “Five years later, Jobs’s successor Tim Cook has very much kept the ship afloat, helping the company to double its revenue from $108 billion in 2011 to $231 billion in 2015.”

“Among those impressed with Cook is Steve Wozniak, Apple’s famous co-founder,” Bhagat reports. “‘I am very happy with the way Apple is going,’ he said at a media roundtable Wednesday in Singapore as part of Paypal FinTech Xchange 2016. ‘When Steve Jobs died there was a tendency for a lot of people to say, ‘Oh no, Apple has lost a key force and will be in decline and won’t be innovative.’ I said wait for a couple of years, don’t be judgmental,’ Wozniak said.”

“A big positive for the Woz was how Cook and Apple as a whole handled the recent case of the FBI wanting access to an iPhone linked to the San Bernardino shooting case. ‘I very much admire Tim Cook for standing up for the privacy of individuals because my whole life, Apple has meant to me a question of who is more important, the human or the technology,’ he said,” Bhagat reports. “Wozniak acknowledged the perception that Apple is not innovating as much. However, as far as he’s concerned, the smartphone wars are very much a marathon rather than a sprint… As for the future of Apple, he would only say that ‘Apple is always working on projects in secret, so I am sure there is quite a bit going on.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last October:

Too many people do not realize how lucky we are that Tim Cook is CEO of Apple Inc. No matter what else Cook does, as long as he holds his ground on this issue [strong encryption], he’s one of the greatest CEOs in history. We need and are lucky to have a man with a strong backbone to stand up to this constant pressure from misguided government spies who’re hell bent on running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and U.S. citizens’ rights.


  1. Cook does not mimic Steve Jobs, he follows his own ways, without betraying the ideals of Steve! Only a great character could act like that, so I am very happy and truthful, that he is the CO of Apple! After all: Steve Jobs choose and trusted him and he was right about him. There were enough betrayers like Schmid & co in his life, but Cook was always true and he still is!

      1. Good question, Peter. You can find the answer for yourself if you look. There are many innovative technologies popping up all over the place. Some of them are great standalone tech, some are just ploys to force people into expensive subscriptions. Lately Apple seems to have focused on the latter, and that is one of its biggest problems. Just look at the MacRumors Buyer Guide. Apple’s products today are falling further behind the curve than almost any other time in recent history. Desktops and laptops are slower, more expensive, and offer less modern connections than the competition. There are a dozen things the Samsung Note can do that an iPhone cannot — better camera, user expandible SD card memory, bigger and better screen, smaller external dimensions …. So there is no question that the world’s richest company has gotten overly reliant on the easy money from the iTunes app sales, because they aren’t delivering the continuous user-pleasing products day in and day out. MDN boards spend more time talking about non-Apple companies than ever since Apple only releases products once or twice per year, and usually just incremental changes at that. Apple deserves the criticism for underperforming at a time when it has more resources to bring more user delight than ever before. The problem is complacent leadership. Cook is a caretaker, not an innovator.

        1. Well we haven’t seen the new iPhone 7 yet have we to judge? (My old iPhone 6 Plus still performs admirably.) They are working on the Apple Watch to work over cellular but the technology isn’t ready and often that’s the problem. Developments in technology aren’t the same as “here it is, it’s ready to go!” And frankly none of us knows what is in development at Apple, nor are they likely to tell us so it’s easy to say NOTHING’S going on when you don’t know, CAN’T know. Let’s play fair. I don’t see the competition loading up at all on this mythical technology advantage Apple is supposedly ignoring. It doesn’t exist. What might be there is pretty minor stuff.

          I agree with you that the Mac Pro was a misguided idea and there should be more updates and a return to the tower design. But in regards to components Apple is usually waiting on their suppliers, like Intel.

          Things like SD to me are a step back. Android is desperate to appeal to everyone so includes stuff they shouldn’t. It’s a wonder there’s no floppy drive slot.

          You can’t deliver new products “day in and day out” and no one else does either. It would be nice to tighten up the new product cycles, vendors & suppliers willing.

          Don’t know about you but even my fully loaded 2014 Mac Book Pro is still blazing fast. And I’m a heavy graphics user. I just hooked it up to a 3440×1440 Ultrawide monitor and it’s great! Frankly the majority of people are more than satiated by the power of what’s available now, but pro’s still want all the power and options they can get but in a much smaller market.

          I’m all for updating as often as possible but there are often extenuating circumstances. Not always but often. Legitimate criticism of Apple is fine but often I find it unfocused and scattershot – basically master of none. The devil is in the specifics.

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              Most of us are quite forgiving with regard to proper usage of the English language on this sight unless it is truly egregious. Further, auto correct often back stabs the best of us.

              Yet if you want to cast stones, feel free to throw some at yourself too.

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          2. You continue to give Apple far too much slack, Peter. Samsung shipped hardware that is actually pretty impressive. The iPhone 7 had better leapfrog it, sure, but it’s accurate to say that at the moment Apple iPhone hardware isn’t miles ahead of the competition. The real differentiation is the security of iOS, which is of critical importance to you and me, but the vast majority of the social media generation are clueless about it. Anyway, the slowness of Apple hardware updates means that Apple garners less positive press and sales have declined as Apple’s hardware offers tinier and tinier incremental updates over time. 15% market share and dropping right now. It does matter.

            Macs – most everyone here is in universal agreement. Apple has no one else to blame but themselves for screwing over loyal users and selling overpriced stale hardware. Increasingly bloated flat ugly MacOS isn’t exactly improving for the better either.

            SD ain’t a step back. There’s a reason there’s a slot for it on your MacBook Pro. Stick in an additional 200 GB of memory, you might actually like it.

            Jobs delivered new products at least 3 times per year on average, not to mention a fun MacWorld conference, when Apple was far smaller and had a shoestring budget. Now Apple has a WWDC and an iOS event, and nothing ever ships “today”, Cook announces sometime next quarter and new product trickles out like molasses in January.

            Apple is about the only vendor with enough hubris to offer a 5400 rpm hard drive in a current product, or a pathetic 1.4 GHz dual core processor in a desktop computer. Or “pro” desktops that offer no internal user expansion. All overpriced, apparently to cover the cost of a useless iCloud and degraded freebieware that hasn’t materially improved since Snow Leopard. Yes, I am getting to be that pissed off at Apple for refusing to deliver performance on par with my PC friends’ machines.

            1. “I’m now actually ashamed to have once been an Apple loyalist.”

              So why are you still hanging around then except to troll? The nature of your nasty posting is indicative of a very sick mind.

          3. Peter,
            If you’re iPhone centric then you’re correct as far as that large niche goes.

            If you care about information technologies in general you’re very, very wrong.

            Your statement, “But in regards to components Apple is usually waiting on their suppliers, like Intel.”, you just are wrong on the facts. Just take CPUs. Skylake chips that can be used in Apple’s entire Mac line (except the Mac Pro) have been shipping for some time. Even in the case of the Mac Pro, Broadwell-E chips have been shipping for a few months. There are other vendors that have been shipping systems for some time based upon those CPUs. The only update Apple has made based upon Skylake has been the MacBook. And that *is* a niche product for those users that are focused on buying the lightest Mac they can get. So are we to get Skylake based iMacs and rMBPs and Airs and Mac minis (assuming the Air and mini survive past 2016) sometime in the next six months — on the eve of Kaby Lake chips shipping?

            As for your thought that the current crop is good enough for the vast majority of users… One could have said the same thing of the original Mac II or then again with the 604e based Macs or then again with the original Core Duos came out. Many Mac users don’t need to update every year or even every other year.

            But, while your 2014 “Mac Book Pro” (rMBP?) is plenty fast enough for you, as I’ve recounted on this site before, my maxed out 2015 rMBP can be dragged to its knees in some uses for which I use it on the road. I really could use 50% faster CPU processing and 100% faster graphics processing. That won’t happen in the next year, but any improvement is a step in the right direction.

            AND, having products that are one or two or even in some cases three generations of components and implementation standards behind the leading edge is not just limited to Macs. The AirPorts are behind, especially the AirPort Express. The AppleTV is behind, no UHDTV in the top of the line model? Are you serious? The Cinema Display is behind–where’s that 5K monitor?. The list could go on.

            Apple has lost its drive to deliver the best available products. I hope it gets it back very soon.

            1. I agree that newer chips, when they are demonstrably faster, should be reflected in upgrades as ample supply is available. And I’m not in disagreement over all the other seemingly missing upgraded items Apple should release. For me that 5K standalone monitor.

              Frankly Xeon chips are more to my liking. As in a new Mac Pro that reverts to the tower design or something like it.

              I suppose I do give Apple the benefit of the doubt but it’s definitely on the tail end of that withering generosity. Obviously Apple shouldn’t take it’s base for granted but on the other hand most of us would dread having to use Windows. I don’t think Apple’s lost it’s drive, that wouldn’t make sense. Let’s just hope we’re all in for some big pleasant surprises, and soon.

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