Former Apple engineer starts 7sensors, a hardware startup that fully automates plant growing

A couple of years ago, Andrew Pletenetskyy was working for Apple designing world class hardware products. While he enjoyed every minute of it, it required frequent traveling making it impossible to look after his indoor garden. After several failures with auto-watering solutions available on the market, he decided to solve this problem on his own. This led to him joining forces with Silicon Valley engineer, Alex Yevdakov, and together they formed 7sensors Inc.

The two went to work and quickly realized, not only can watering be automated, the entire growing process can be dramatically improved. Today, 7sensors Grow Box is a fully automated environment that not only waters your plant; it provides lighting that has the proper intensity and spectrum, as well as controls temperature, humidity and airflow. Best of all, Grow Box does it all seamlessly with the energy consumption of a single light bulb.

Once you receive the Grow Box, simply plant a seed or a plant clone into the soil and add water to the tank. Pick a plant type on your smartphone and the setup is complete. Your next required interaction with the product is to refill a large water tank, which is about once a month depending on the plant stage. Now you can truly grow the plants you want, without any gardening experience.

Grow Box has a transparent design so everyone can enjoy a fresh plant year-round. Since the environment is enclosed and the air entering and exiting the box is filtered, there is no need for pesticides or genetically modified, disease resistant plants; this means you will get the tastiest, healthiest and organic produce possible. The conditions inside the box are precisely controlled, the plant of your choice is kept at its optimal growing conditions ensuring best possible development and avoiding unpredictable environmental factors. One of the 7sensors experimental grows yielded more than 30 bell peppers from a single plant.

The proprietary LED array has an adjustable spectrum and intensity controlled in real-time with Grow Box’s logic. In addition, the light is designed with optimal reflectors tailored specifically to box’s growing area volume minimizing light and, as a result, energy losses.

If your plants are in a sorry shape or you forgot what nature looks like, you can now bring it home with 7sensors. After years in development, the grow box is now fine-tuned and ready for production.

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  1. Lol, so basically they wanted a cool/easy way to grow weed. Almost makes me wish I was into weed. I hope they come out with some cheaper, more flexible products, like selling pots with integrated sensor and water tank that just looks like a regular plant pot from the outside. It’d be great to have a bunch of those around the house.

  2. I love how the tech industry is getting into this field. A big win for everyone if they can figure out how to get fresh green into grocery stores. I’ve read about some of the things they are trying.

    Side note: did you know most of the fruits and veggies at your grocery store are abound year old? They are picked green and then frozen until they are ready for distribution. Not saying that’s a bad thing but they do lose nutrients processed this way.

  3. I will need three for the marijuana, poppy, and coca plants. I wonder if it will grow mushrooms.

    I will have to clear out some space at the back of my closet.


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