Apple rumored to be taking big piece of Seattle-area office market in expansion

“Real estate industry insiders are buzzing that a ‘large California company’ is looking for a big p

iece of office space in the Seattle area, and rumor has it that it’s Apple,” Nat Levy reports for GeekWire.

“A major expansion by the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant could make sense, given that the company just last week dropped $200 million on Seattle startup Turi, a machine learning company founded by University of Washington computer science professor Carlos Guestrin,” Levy reports. “At this point, we’ve been unable to confirm exactly where Apple may be headed in the Seattle area, but multiple sources say the footprint could be huge, several hundred thousand square feet. The rumors we’ve heard also pre-date Apple’s acquisition of Turi.”

Levy reports, “Apple already has a presence in the Seattle area, albeit a small one. Last year Apple leased one floor and part of another at the Two Union Square office tower in downtown Seattle.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whether or not this is Apple, the world’s most valuable company’s very rapid expansion continues unabated.

Apple buys machine-learning startup Turi for $200 million – August 6, 2016
Apple quietly buys Seattle firm to expand cloud offerings – November 4, 2014


    1. Apple: Putting Siri in MacOS Server
      Microsoft: Providing real cloud services for AI/ML

      Apple: Put all eggs on iOS and competes with high-end Chinees Androin manufactures (with hype curve down on touch screen devices)
      Microsoft: Embracing modern environments across multiple OS

      Apple: Has no touch screen for MacOS devices
      Microsoft: Killing iMac with Surface Studio

      I hope Apple will wake-up and make some step in the public cloud computing & ML with the recent acquisition of Turi.

  1. Why don’t they just buy up Microsoft headquarters? Even free Windows 10 isn’t getting much traction, so it’s only a matter of time before they hang a “For Sale” sign at the gate.

    It’s funny how Microsoft’s mobile venture simply went up in a puff of smoke and yet the stock continues to rise like nothing happened. It’s great to own a stock like Microsoft or Tesla where losses never affect the stock in a negative way. Firing almost 3,000 people is considered a good thing for the company. Less overhead. A lighter load to carry. Nothing more. If Apple fired five people, it would indicate the beginning of the end for Apple.

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