Apple Music’s Bozoma Saint John: It’s about passion, not algorithms

“When I met Apple Music marketing chief Bozoma Saint John at Apple for an interview, she had just come from a photo shoot and she looked, well, fabulous,” Mark Sullivan reports for Fast Company. “While she was wearing high heels (which put her up at around 6-foot-2 or so) and a shimmering blue dress, I’d soon learn that the fabulous has little to do with clothing. She practically radiates warmth and energy.”

“Saint John was relatively unknown in tech circles until she demoed Apple Music at the company’s developer conference in June. Now, a few weeks later, she’s the one part of the show many people remember,” Sullivan reports. “We’re used to seeing Apple’s laid-back middle-aged male executives on the stage there, then out walks a woman who, a few minutes into the presentation, was spinning the Sugar Hill Gang classic “Rappers Delight” and pushing 3,000 (rather stiff) developer types to clap, then rap, to the beat.”

Bozoma Saint John
Bozoma Saint John
FC: Why hadn’t we seen you before at an Apple event?
Boz: Well, darling, we’re only in year two.

FC: I don’t know why it seems longer than that.
Boz: Listen, baby, we’re just getting started.

FC: In Apple Music there’s not a lot of algorithmic stuff going on in the curation. Do you consider that as kind of the ace in the hole, because it’s all human?
Boz: Yeah, it’s important, it really is important. Human curation allows you to have the emotion and feel music, because it is a very emotional thing. It makes you feel happy, it helps you when you are feeling sad, gets you pumped up, calms you down. You want me to keep going? Because I could preach. I think it is a very emotional thing and you should treat it as such. We as humans have that and we can express it.

Much more in the full interview here.

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