Open Thread: Should Apple code their OSes to block video games that glorify guns and murder?

Now that Apple has removed the rifle and handgun emoji from iOS (they have offered up a green plastic toy squirt gun), an interesting question has been raised via email by multiple MacDailyNews readers who mentioned such games as Hatred, among many others.

Basically, the question boils down to this:

Following their emoji changes, should Apple next code their operating systems (macOS, iOS, tvOS) to block their ability to run video games that glorify guns and murder?

HATRED Gameplay Trailer (NSFW, Contains Content Inappropriate for Children):


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  1. Blocking the games doesn’t have much science behind it one way or another. A better solution would be to shut off ALL games after an hour or two so that the player can get off his fat ass and get some exercise. Maybe even go outdoors.

  2. Simply NO. This is getting way out of hand with this politically correct crap! It’s up to the parent to raise their child if they don’t want them to see that stuff! Same as guns, don’t restrict my wants/needs for the mentally ill or what parents are supposed to be doing, raising their child instead of someone or something else!

  3. This is a sick society. I think not just Apple, but all should think more responsibly regarding their products- but it is up to families, teachers, and the media to discourage the problem. Yes, it takes a village. or a lot of doctors and hospitals.

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