Apple may sell 6 million ‘Apple Watch 2’ units within first few weeks of release

“Apple may sell as many as 6 million new model Apple Watch 2 unit’s within the first few weeks of release, if new NextWorth survey data turns out to have gotten the public pulse right,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“The findings are based on a NextWorth survey across 540 current smartwatch or fitness tracker owners,” Evans reports. “50% of current Apple Watch owners say they will upgrade [and] 22% of non-smartwatch owners plan to buy one this year.”

MacDailyNews Take: And that’s sight unseen.

“They also follow a recent Wristly survey which found an astonishing 94 percent of existing Apple Watch customers are still satisfied with their device,” Evans reports. “Recent Strategy Analytics figures pegged Apple Watch sales at around 13.6 million – way more than the number of iPhones v.1’s the company sold, and none too shabby given the device is only available to people who also use an iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As a bonus, watchOS 3 will make every millions of original Apple Watches new again!


  1. A little thinner and wrist-formed, please and I will give Apple my money for two.
    Surely, the current 40yr old plus manly design will see the light and get more modern and streamlined like all other Apple products in this upcoming version.
    If I have to wait, then I’ll wait. Samsung’s outer form factor is at least modern day.

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