Apple removes handgun emoji, replaces it with a squirt gun

“Apple’s latest software update for the iPhone and iPad features one of its subtlest but most symbolically significant design changes yet. iOS 10, which will be available for free download this fall, removes the revolver emoji and replaces it with a squirt gun,” Carl Franzen reports for Popular Science.

“The change is available now to developers who download iOS 10 beta,” Franzen reports. “But if you do install iOS 10 beta 4, the revolver is gone and a green squirt gun with an orange tip appears in its place. The squirt gun emoji change comes alongside ‘more than 100’ other changes to Apple’s emoji, including more options for skin tones, more women in diverse professional roles, and more detailed characters. In one example, the ‘Running Man’ emoji appears more 3D.”

Current handgun emoji (left) and Apple's replacement, a green squirt gun (right)
Current handgun emoji (left) and Apple’s replacement, a green squirt gun (right)

“With millions of people using emoji in their daily communications, even the smallest changes will have significant impacts on our conversations. Apple’s stances on emoji can’t help but have political ramifications, in other words,” Franzen reports. “In this case, the change to the squirt gun emoji comes two years after a social media campaign called #DisarmTheiPhone was launched by advocacy group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, with the goal of pressuring Apple to drop support for the revolver emoji.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Leave it to Apple to solve the pressing issue of gun violence via text message.

What’s next, replacing the knife emoji with a spork? The bomb with a firecracker? The sword with a feather?

iOS knife, bomb, and sword emoji
iOS knife, bomb, and sword emoji

This is political correctness run amok.

And, BTW, that squirt gun doesn’t hold water, it’s full of hydrochloric acid.

Acid beaker and squirt gun emoji

Apple quashes rifle Emoji – June 20, 2016


    1. Despite having a very high rate of private gun ownership, Switzerland has very little gun violence. Swiss gun homicides stood at 0.2389 per 100,000 residents in 2010 despite the fact that they are third in the world in terms of numbers of firearms owned by private individuals. This figure is among the lowest in the world. It has less to do with the availability of the guns and more to do with the culture and values of the people using them.

      Russia, where only 3 in 100 people own a gun, has a murder rate of about 20 people per 100,000, whereas Finland, where 40% own guns, has a murder rate of only 2 per 100,000.

      in Austria over 70,000 shotguns were sold in 2015. Over 100,000 so far in 2016. People in countries all over Europe want to buy more guns because they fear for their safety due to migrant populations entering their countries. Women are mostly driving the sales in Austria. Virtually all shotguns are currently sold out, because you don’t need a permit for them there.There are an estimated 1.1 million firearms out of a population of 8.5 million in Austria.

      1. And the US, which has more guns than it has alligators, but fewer than it has missing socks or something, has more gun-obsessed people who are more fanatical about guns than they are about the survival of their own communities or their country.

      2. “People in countries all over Europe want to buy more guns because they fear for their safety due to migrant populations entering their countries. ”

        Can you provide a European scorch for that claim? Here in Europe, the exact opposite appears to be the case. Germany already has fairly tight gun control laws and they are seriously considering tightening them up further.

        One little statistic that might amaze Americans is that last year in the UK, the number of times that the police discharged guns towards people was unusually high. They fired them during a total of just seven incidents during the entire year.

        1. The U.K. I do not want to emulate a country where the only legal form of self-defense is a rape whistle or where you have to be 18 to buy kitchen knives.

          According to the United Nations, the U.K. is 4th in the world in total crimes per capita, whereas the U.S. is only 22nd.

          The difference between a “subject” and a “citizen” is that the latter has the right to keep and bear arms.

        2. Terrorism fears prompt private armed security boom in Germany

          The recent terror attacks in Germany have boosted a demand for private security, Die Welt reports.

          After the series of bloody attacks that shocked the country, each festival or party is now more comfortable with having an armed guard, the newspaper says.

          Parties that used not to be guarded now want security. And even those that had security guards in the past ask for more.

          “We’ve had several requests for armed guards this week. Everyone is nervous at the moment. Since the last attacks, demand has boomed,” said the manager of one security firm in Bavaria.

          However, requests for armed personnel are being widely rejected, as events need special permission from state authorities to provide armed guards. Such permission is rarely granted.

          Germany saw several terrorism-related incidents in July.

          In Munich, an 18-year-old killed nine people with a handgun in a shopping mall before killing himself.

          A 27-year-old detonated a bomb in a pub in Ansbach, killing himself and injuring 15 others.

          A 17-year old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a train in Bavaria with an ax, severely wounding four people before he was killed by police.

          In another case, a young Syrian refugee stabbed a co-worker in a kebab shop before attacking passersby.

          More companies are also introducing ‘spotter teams’ – security personnel that observe the crowd. However it is unclear whether this could have prevented the attack in Ansbach, where the bomber was reported to have been walking a strange way. Spotter teams work undercover but are prohibited from carrying firearms under strict German law.

          The number of people employed in security is rapidly growing in Germany. Last year, the number of employees grew more than 10 percent, according to BDSW. As of last September, 233,000 people were employed in the industry.

            1. The source is Die Welt. I gave you the RT account of the Die Welt report because it’s in English and you can barely understand that, much less German.

  1. The gun emoji frightened me. I am glad they removed it. Also, the music of Dr. Dre, MD, frightens me as well, they must take it down. As a millennial snowflake I DEMAND JUSTICE AND SAFE SPACE.

  2. I for one am getting real tired of Apple and their preaching. They’ll call out a state and pull business for not recognizing gay marriage but will happily sell their products where homosexuals are thrown off buildings.

    They’ll remove a gun emoji yet I am confident Tim Cook and apple has armed guards.

    It’s called being a hypocrite.

    Just make good products and i will decide on my own about guns. #tiredofapple

    1. Well, it’s the most important part of their day to scan the Internet for potential threats to the ongoing proliferation of guns. You wouldn’t want to take that away those little pleasures from them, would you?

      1. Symbols are worth organising your day around, and even worth fighting and dying for, once they have been stamped into your conscousness as triggers to engage your tribal instincts. Such symbols are associated in the mind with Truth and Survival, and generate the energy for ruthless battle. My only question is who does the stamping, and for what ulterior purpose.

  3. Maybe replacing the gun with a squirt gun is more about the fun emojis are supposedly about. There is nothing funny about a gun and the American love affair with the gun is responsible for taking away the freedom of the thousands of lives ruined by guns every year. Is there a a sexual intercourse emoji? HThat is at least fun! How about a porn emoji? What, MDN not complaining about that political correctness?

    1. Forget fun—the responses gathered here show that emoji stand in for the human id and ego, to exhume Freudian theory. Suggestive symbols are more evocative than explicit ones, because they afford the viewer a degree of intimacy, a complicity in the deciphering of the message. This is engaging in a way that porn is not. In terms of total emotional payoff, sweet anticipation of a long-desired consummation is far superior to a straight-up transaction. 💌📩🎉

      In the same way, gun emoji are bluntly objective, leaving little to the imagination. Something like the squirt gun forces the user to be creative, as MDN demonstrated with their acid wit. 🎯

      1. Oh god, I think I’m falling in love with a smoothbore musket. Is that inappropriate? Or a sign of a more mature fantasy life? I can’t wait to consummate the relationship. She blows me away, I pull her triggers, we have a barrel of fun. But sometimes it’s hard to keep my powder dry. At least I’m a cheap date, it takes a long time to get me loaded but once I am, the sparks really fly. Shoot, but then it’s over. I think I’ll go read a magazine.

  4. Basically, it comes down to this: Democrats wish to ban guns, except for the government and politicians. It’s called Tyranny. This is the exact reason for the second amendment. To prevent this from ever happening with a government run amok. And that is what we will have if Hilldabeast is elected.

        1. I’m sorry, maybe i didn’t understand your post. I thought you were making the case that you should not have your gun emoji taken away from you, by citing it’s protection under the 2nd amendment or something.

  5. Apple is now filtering Siri results based their political bias. Just Ask Siri about any movie and you’ll get great results. Then ask “Hillary’s America Movie” and you do not get a result. I don’t think I can support an company that forces any form of political ideology on the user.

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