New evidence suggests DNC hackers penetrated deeper than previously thought

“Just weeks after she started preparing opposition research files on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort last spring, Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa got an alarming message when she logged into her personal Yahoo email account,” Michael Isikoff reports for Yahoo News. “‘Important action required,’ read a pop-up box from a Yahoo security team that is informally known as ‘the Paranoids.’ ‘We strongly suspect that your account has been the target of state-sponsored actors.'”

“Chalupa’s message is among nearly 20,000 hacked internal DNC emails that were posted over the weekend by WikiLeaks as the Democratic Party gathered for its national convention in Philadelphia,” Isikoff reports. “Those emails have already provoked a convulsion in Democratic Party ranks, leading to the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the wake of posted messages in which she and other top DNC officials privately derided Bernie Sanders and plotted to undercut his insurgent campaign against Hillary Clinton.”

“But Chalupa’s message, which had not been previously reported, stands out: It is the first indication that the reach of the hackers who penetrated the DNC has extended beyond the official email accounts of committee officials to include their private email and potentially the content on their smartphones,” Isikoff reports. “Two sources familiar with the breach said that the hackers’ reach was far more widespread than initially thought and includes personal data about big party contributors and internal “vetting” evaluations that include embarrassing comments about their business dealings (as well as gossipy internal emails about the private affairs of DNC staffers). One newly posted email discusses a prospective DNC donor’s offering to host a fundraiser with President Obama, noting that he had previously been convicted in a case involving allegations that he killed 50 horses, as part of an insurance fraud scheme. Party officials are bracing for more damaging document dumps after Labor Day.”

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WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange
WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange
“Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange has threatened to release more Clinton e-mails he claims are so damaging that Clinton will almost certainly be arrested,” Staks Rosch writes for The Huffington Post.

“As I write this, the Democratic Convention is about to begin. The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz just stepped down as the head of the DNC over the leaked e-mails showing that the DNC had apparently conspired against the Bernie Sanders campaign to hand the nomination over to Hillary Clinton,” Rosch writes. “Almost immediately after her resignation, Wasserman-Schultz was given a position within the Clinton campaign as an honorary chair. With cronyism, loyalty is rewarded even after a scandal.”

“The whole campaign will be about Clinton’s e-mail scandal, the DNC’s e-mail scandal, cronyism, and big money corruption in politics,” Rosch writes. “This was a tough primary battle and there is no doubt that Secretary Clinton won more pledge delegates but as these recent DNC e-mails have shown, the deck had been stacked against Sanders from the beginning and even with that, no SuperPAC, and little name recognition, he has prevented Clinton from getting enough pledge delegates to clinch the nomination. He would almost certainly have won the nomination if the DNC had played fair and the media had given him equal time.”

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  1. The Russians hacking the US election system and then leaking documents is an act of war. This is Watergate times 1000 percent because, in this case, a foreign government has been caught stealing sensitive documents, which can sway the outcome of a US election. And even though US elections are a messy affair, they are sacred ground. For me, this is no different than the Russian military deficating on the graves at Arlington. No matter Democrat or Republican, white or black, European or American, this is an attack on our freedoms. Something must be done. This should not stand.

    I think a measured response is fully justified, but should not lead to WW 3. Some ideas could include hurling a very large Rod of God or asteroid weapon and destroying Russian ports in Crimea, knocking out the electricity in Moscow using an EMP, closing the Bosporus Straights, expelling all Russian born citizens out of North America and Europe, etc.

    The Russians wish to take away any remaining freedom we have left, and as a people we have to unite and thwart their aggression.

    1. You sound silly blaming the messenger because you don’t like what’s in the messages. The problem isn’t Russian hackers. They didn’t write the emails, they only exposed them.

      Crooked Hillary, indeed.

      1. Fwhatever, let’s see the same response from you after the RNC mail servers are hacked, or after Trump’s emails are exposed. There are many sordid secrets lurking in the Republican side of the aisle, too. I would love to see Cheney’s emails, Dubya’s too. If you believe that hypocrisy and corruption exist only in the Demoncratic party, then you are a sad, deluded little man. Of course, that was already clear to most people.

    2. Are you for real?

      All it proves is that Hillary’s email server was likely hacked if the DNC’s was. It just makes the case that she shouldn’t be the President because of her poor judgment and illegal behavior.

      I hope that the Russians, or whoever is behind the hack, releases some mind bending emails from Hillary’s server in September or October and take her out of contention.

      Destroying Crimea ports? Seriously, some Democrats have lost their way with hysteria.

      1. I’m an Independent, not a Democrat. I supported Reagan, but not Bush. I voted for Perot, but not Clinton. Branches of my lineage go back to the very founders of America. I care deeply about freedom, and take great offense to ANY foreign entity meddling in our sovereign rights of self-determination.

        1. The fact is, the Democrats made these statement that you don’t want to hear. And, there’s absolutely no “proof” it was Russians. It makes for a nice rant, but it’s one the Democrats want repeated for sympathy. It’s time for the US. to outsmart hackers.

          Until such time, the DNC is rotten to the core even mentioning Sanders religion or lack thereof. Shame on them.

        2. Then it means that you LOVE THE FACT that the Clinton Foundation entities receive giant bribes from Wahhabi/Salafist terrorist nests such the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

          The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that coordinated with the State Department in use of Wahhabi/Salafist terrorists in Libya to destroy that peaceful secular non-sectarian country (with the highest standard of living in Africa at the time).

          And they continue to do so in Syria, so Hillary already said she would try to install a no fly zone over there to bring us all closer the WWIII, to ensure the safety of “moderate rebels” that once in a while praise Osama Bin Laden, vow to commit genocide against minorities, cage women and chop off heads of 11 year old boys — all along with the goal to install a tyrannical theocracy there for the sake of breaking “the axis of Shia evil” that is Lebanon-Syria-Iran.

          1. I’m trying to ignore most of the foolishness here, but the notion that the Khadaffi regime was running a peaceful secular non-sectarian country is somewhere far beyond delusional. It was a brutal dictatorship that exported terror wholesale, including the bombing of US-registered airliners. The state was driven by its leader’s strongly religious, if somewhat unorthodox, pan-Islamist ideology. The collapse of the country is due to his singular failure to create any national institutions apart from a cult of personality centered on himself. Once he was gone, there was nothing but anarchy to replace him.

            Much the same thing is going on in Syria and Iraq—the Assads and Saddam Hussain created nations unable to govern themselves without their brutal dictatorial control. As in Libya, the local democratic traditions and movements are simply too weak to withstand the vying religious extremists (some of whom are really just Saudi or Iranian proxies), who are themselves unable to maintain control without the use of terror.

            States that are centered on one-man rule are inherently unstable, because no man is immortal. Ancient monarchies survived through succession crises because their continuing institutions were recognized as legitimate by the governed. Republican governments require a separation of powers between autonomous institutions that can maintain the checks and balances necessary to prevent a decline into one-man rule. That is why we should be afraid of anyone who attacks judicial and legislative independence and offers himself as the personal solution to all our problems.

            1. Yes, by 2011 Qaddafi’s regime was peaceful, there were no mass executions or any atrocious acts like that happening, and yes, Libya was a secular non-sectarian country.

              And the ideology of Qaddafi was not pan-Islamist, it was pan-African. He has proposed to create a single currency for the continent, similar to Euro for Europe.

  2. All you righties just calm down. Trump is a certifiable lunatic! I’ll take Hillary any day. So many investigations, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted FBI investigations and not a single actual arrest or even anything close to an arrest. Obviously you righties have been trying to destroy Hillary since before Bill was President. It has not worked and all signs point to a Democratic landslide. You cannot seriously think Trump is going to win. He is the biggest fraud on the planet. Had you righties gone with someone sane and sensible like Bush or Katich it would have been an easy win. Instead you went further off the rails and picked a Putin puppet.

        1. Hillary has not had a press conference since December 15, 2015. She has been lying so much, she refuses to entertain any questions that may force her to explain her lies.
          She has been lying about her server and the government secrets that she compromised for months now. These are bold-faced, certifiable lies; not just hyperbole.

          1. Indeed. But of course the hypocrisy is that the Republican alternative, Mr. Trump, is also a liar. He pulls ‘facts’ out of this, that and the other orifice and they turn out to be lies.

            So who to choose?



            IOW: No fair pretending both candidates aren’t outright liars.

    1. What’s funny about this is that many key Republican leaders openly tried to thwart Trump’s nomination. But now that’s it’s come out that the DNC leadership also tried the same with Bernie, under the table, they’re being crucified. I find the whole thing rather amusing.

      Personally, I think the Trump and Bernie supporters deserve each other. Though they’d be loath to admit it, they’re made from the same cloth.

  3. FBI have everything there for an arrest (lying to the FBI put a lowly TV star in prison) but head honcho didn’t want to suddenly swim with the fishes, so he suggests doing nothing.
    The media don’t jump on this and raise hell like they should or like they did for a repub that was just tapping his foot in a bathroom stall?
    See the hypocrisy yet? No you probably won’t.

    1. Just imagine how the corrupt mainstream media would have treated the story if it was a Republican Sec. of State who did half of what Crooked Hillary did. It would make Watergate look like kumbaya around the campfire.

      Until the problem with the U.S. mainstream media is corrected – clear, irrefutable liberal bias – this country deserves exactly what it gets.

  4. Are they going to release hacked RNC information, to keep things fair? It seems suspect to me that an “unbiased” third party is helping the Republicans when Assange isn’t even a U.S. citizen.

  5. Between Julian and Russia I really don’t see anyone to have faith in. Did Russia simply hack the emails and pass them on without “modifications”. What modifications are the Russians working on for the next round of releases? The Russians seem too close to Trump for my comfort and I have no doubt that Putin has people working on building more hits for Deadbeat Donald.

    The biggest lesson I see here is the need to assume that all emails and texts will be public knowledge in the future. If there is anything to embarrass the writer or recipient then CALL in order to ensure there is no record.

  6. There are a lot of FAR-reaching claims in this report, the stuff of exaggeration. But it still points out the scum that are the US political parties. I trust NEITHER.

    This continues to be the worst choice for US President in history. Thanks DemoCraps and ReTardlicans for wrecking my country. 😛

  7. If it weren’t all do tragic it would be funny that you think your politicos were ever actually remotely honest on whatever ide of the sewer, or indeed that dear old Hills is in fact worse than her ferret haired opponent. One mighty big melt down ahead whatever the result sadly, with the only real argument over who are the greater hypocrites involved here, which should suit that Game of Thrones wannabe villain Assange himself. Dicks galore, it’s just measuring their relative sizes.

  8. Isn’t assange still hiding out in an embassy avoiding prosecution? I smell a pay-off coming, I wonder if assange and snowden are about to become roommates or will shillery be able to pay him off?

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