Chinese nationalists smashing Apple iPhones over UN’s South China Sea decision

“Chinese nationalists are reportedly taking to boycotts and destruction of emblematic U.S. consumer goods, like the iPhone, to protest an unfavorable UN decision over disputed territory in the South and East China Sea,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Videos circulating on social media depict protesters wearing patriotic apparel and smashing iPhones in protest,” Wuerthele reports. “China’s ruling Communist Party spoke through the People’s Daily newspaper and demanded ‘rational patriotism’ in response to the protests, which appear to be mostly undertaken by college-aged citizens.”

“‘The Chinese public, as optimistic and positive as they are, are deeply patriotic and nationalistic, especially people who are younger,’ said James Roy of the research firm China Market Research Group,” Wuerthele reports. “Apple is one of the brands that is ‘just very closely associated with the United States, and you are seeing people picking the closest symbol they can think of to demonstrate against,’ according to Roy.”

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“State media have fanned public anger with a torrent of criticism of last week’s ruling by a U.N. tribunal, which found no legal basis for Beijing’s claim to most of the South China Sea,” Joe McDonald reports for The Associated Press.

“An Apple spokeswoman responded to a request for comment by pointing to CEO Tim Cook’s positive comments in April about the company’s future in China,” McDonald reports. “Cook said Apple was ‘really optimistic’ and planned to open five more stores in China during the current quarter for a total of 40.

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MacDailyNews Take: If only human IQs were 10 points higher across the board. God’s cruel joke.


  1. Ho hum. Yet another cultural revolution in the making.
    Better a purge of iPhones than people, methinks.
    Methinks the real reason for the purge is that they cannot penetrate iOS’s security and listen in to what people are saying about them—read no back doors.

  2. Hawaiians should be doing the same thing. I love Apple, don’t get me wrong, but, as I have always said, they are based in a country that has no respect for international law. The US invaded my islands and these wrongs still haven’t been repaired. I hope things will work out between the Kingdom and the US.

    1. Nearly every culture, people, tribe, or clan can bitch and moan that someone took their land away which they took from someone else who had it before them. Take a number, fella.

  3. “The Chinese public, as optimistic and positive as they are, are deeply patriotic and nationalistic, especially people who are younger”

    There is no optimistic public. You think what the Chinese government tells you to think or you wind up as a Falun Gong organ donor.

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