Pokémon GO is already the biggest U.S. mobile game ever

“Pokémon Go has burst onto the scene in recent days to become the biggest U.S. mobile game ever, according to new data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence,” Jason Abbruzzese reports for Mashable.

“The app attracted 21 million daily active users on Tuesday, the biggest U.S. audience for a mobile game ever,” Abbruzzese reports. “That data follows on other recent studies that have shown Pokémon Go surpassing Tinder and approaching Twitter in popularity.”

“Those users are bringing in big bucks. Pokémon Go remains atop the list of the highest grossing apps. SurveyMonkey projected that the app is bringing in millions of dollars per day,” Abbruzzese reports. “The unprecedented success of Pokémon Go isn’t just good for a mobile game. The app is now on pace to start competing with the likes of Snapchat and Google Maps.”

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  1. I work at a university and it seems that EVERYONE is walking around with their phones, paying little attention to their “real” surroundings. Before I learned about Pokemon GO, I was baffled.

    Now, I’m dodging players as I try to walk on campus. I hope that they don’t do this while driving.

  2. A 13-year-old girl nearby was playing the game when she cluelessly walked into the path of a car. She got banged up but not seriously injured. She’ll be the first of many Darwinian Selection victims who will spur cries to ban the game on the basis of public safety. If it saves just one life…

  3. I am surprised to prevent playing in a motor vehicle (or on a bicycle) that Pokemon Go isn’t auto-paused if your device is clocked at over 10-12 MPH. Perhaps even pause it if faster then a fast run.

    Officer, I wasn’t texting. I was hunting Pokemon.

    (PS I’m in the fad camp. I expect a big drop in usage after a couple months (winter time in the norther hemisphere)).

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