Apple, other corporations bail on Republican convention after facing pressure

“Donald Trump has promised to liven up this year’s Republican National Convention. But some of America’s biggest corporations are bailing on the party,” Brandon Bailey reports for The Associated Press. “Apple recently became the latest company to give the GOP’s presumptive nominee the cold shoulder; it won’t contribute money or products to the Republicans’ big shindig in Cleveland this month. HP Inc. is also withholding support, while Microsoft is giving products only, not cash. Beyond the tech industry, Ford, JPMorgan Chase and United Parcel Service have opted to withhold support.”

“Most of these companies are also taking a pass on donating to the 2016 Democratic convention,” Bailey reports. “The reasons aren’t completely clear. None of these companies publicly described its decisions as a repudiation of Trump. Several declined to discuss their thinking, while others said their sponsorship plans were decided months before Trump emerged as the front-runner for the GOP nomination. In many cases, however, their decisions became known after civil rights groups launched a public effort — including billboards, letters and online messages — aimed at persuading companies to withhold support for an event celebrating a candidate who’s campaigned with incendiary proposals , racial rhetoric and harsh comments about immigrants and women.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“Even so, Republican convention organizers say their fundraising is going well. More than 100 donors have contributed a total of $57.5 million, or about 90 percent of what’s needed, said Emily Lauer of the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee,” Bailey reports. “Apple made headlines after Politico reported the tech giant won’t support the GOP convention because of Trump’s divisive statements. Apple declined to comment on its plans for either convention this year, although Lauer confirmed to The Associated Press that the company isn’t a sponsor for the GOP gathering. As if to underscore that Apple’s dispute is with Trump, but not the GOP, Cook hosted a California fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan and other congressional Republicans last week.”

“Apple hasn’t been a big cash donor to past conventions, although it gave $165,000 in computers and other tech gear for the 2008 GOP gathering and $140,000 worth of products to that year’s Democratic event,” Bailey reports. “It also loaned iPhones to organizers of the 2012 Republican convention.”

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  1. Leftist media reports leftist corporations’ bigoted attitude toward Republican candidate as reasonable.
    Leftists in the comments don’t notice.

    One Star for gullible people.

  2. Donate or not to donate to either party, that is the question. . . .Either way, I will still buy their products because hands down, they are great, but still waiting for the updated Mac Pro…

  3. Now, why would a company help to finance the nomination show of a candidate who publicly lambasted said company just 5 months ago and called for a boycott of its products?

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