Washington state: Don’t play Pokémon GO while driving your car

“The state of Washington’s Department of Transportation has a message for Pokemon Go players: don’t play while driving,” CNET reports.

“In a tweet today, the Washington DOT advised fans to play the game safely. ‘No Pokemoning from behind the wheel,’ the government agency said in its message, which was accompanied by an animated GIF of the Pokemon Eevee,” CNET reports. “Pokemon Go challenges players to go out in the real world to locate and catch Pokemon. Notifications pop up when creatures are nearby, which in theory could distract people — wherever they are.”

“The message from Washington’s DOT is not the first from an official government authority,” CNET reports. “Earlier this week, Australia’s Northern Territory Police, Fire, and Emergency Services published a post on its Facebook page telling Pokemon Go players to look up once in a while.”

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