“In an interesting article published on Tuesday at Mashable, author Christina Warren posits that we’ve seen the last refresh to Apple’s MacBook Air lineup,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool. “As she frames it, Apple won’t choke off the Air entirely, but she questions whether Apple will find it worth investing in a refresh. Her conclusion: the iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air.”

“We’ll need a lot more research to know whether the iPad Pro can become a laptop substitute,” Beyers writes. “But Warren’s thesis comes at an interesting time.”

“Apple’s iPad unit sales fell 19% year over year in the first quarter and were down 23% over the first six months of the fiscal year. Sales by dollar volume were down 19% and 20%, respectively, over the same periods,” Beyers writes. “Positioning the more expensive iPad Pro as a solid entry-level business machine — one capable of standing in for the Air — could help boost profits in a key product line.”

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MacDailyNews Take: At this point, if MBA instantly ceased to exist, we’d choose MacBooks (or even the thicker, heavier MacBook Pro) over iPad Pro for our on-the-go computing due to the tools we use and their capabilities on the macOS vs. iOS.

iPad Pro and iOS in general need more software maturation before we’d choose them for our road computing machines over Macs.

End of the road for Apple’s MacBook Air? – July 6, 2016