Leaked renderings support rumored features of Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘7 Plus’

“If authentic, leaked CAD renderings of Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘7 Plus’ appear to support claims that the device will ditch the headphone jack, sport tweaked antenna designs, and feature a dual-camera system for the larger 5.5-inch model,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Images of the base model show an expected larger space for the rear camera, as well as relocated antenna bands, NWE noted on Wednesday,” Fingas reports. “The bottom of the device has two speaker ports, suggesting once again that Apple is abandoning a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack in the interests of thinness and freeing up space.”

Fingas reports, “The ‘Plus’ model meanwhile shows an opening for a dual-lens camera.”

Leaked renderings of Apple's "iPhone 7" and "7 Plus"
Leaked renderings of Apple’s “iPhone 7” and “7 Plus”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is that “dual-lens” model the iPhone 7 “Plus” or the iPhone 7 “Pro?” Would you spring, say, an extra $100 to move up from a 5.5-inch Plus to a 5.5-inch Pro model with a significantly better camera?


  1. Why would anyone care about someone’s invented CAD drawings? Surely you don’t think they’re from Jony Ive’s vault do you? Get serious. Useless rumor and story!

    1. Not quite useless since the same scheme was leaked in a different news story.

      This two separate cameras set up looks like iPhone 7 Pro versus two adjacent cameras in one bigger round hole as in iPhone 7/Plus.

      Obviously, this Pro version is going to be by far the best photo/video devices in the industry. For anyone who cares spending additional $100 for that would be nothing.

      But even regular people with their iPhone 7/Plus purchases will get vastly superior image quality than usual since those devices will have double sensors for increasing actual optical resolution and image quality in the darkness.

  2. Dual lens is a marketing gimmick. If it’s so great then, put it in both iPhones. I bet the 4.7 incher will have OIS this time around just to keep the gap closer with the 5.5 incher.
    My point and shoot Canon is smaller than the iPhone plus and takes better pics. Plus it has OIS and optical zoom. To each his own but, at what size does a phone become ridiculous?

    1. <<<<<>>>>>

      Very wrong. Two lenses provide the same benefits (and more) that two lenses provide to an SLR. The lenses have differing focal lengths, providing more detail at each of the distances than you’d have with a single lens focused between them.

      Further, the images from both would be digitally combined to simulate an optical zoom. Creating results that would have much greater detail than those produced with a purely digital zoom using a single lens.


      High end smartphones carry a great number of components not contained in a camera:

      A vastly more powerful CPU, cellular radio chips, wifi chips, gps chips, nfr chips, sound synthesizers, higher quality sound amplifiers and speakers, digital compass, temperature sensors, gyroscopes, a much bigger battery than can power all of those components for a full day. And more.

      If they put two lenses in the smaller phone it would have to be a bigger smaller phone.

  3. I really hope the dual camera system (if it is actually happening) is not only for the larger Plus models. For me it is not about price. I like prefer the smaller size as the plus just doesn’t “feel good” in my hands. I would hate to miss out on a major feature due to screen size. P.S. do not consider the OIS in the current Plus models as a major feature, but a dual camera system would be.

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