Microsoft reportedly working on desktop Surface PC to challenge Apple’s iMac

“Microsoft reportedly is cooperating with upstream supply chain players to develop an all-in-one (AIO) PC under the Surface brand and will launch the model in the third quarter of 2016 at the earliest, according to industry sources,” Aaron Lee and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“The launch of the Surface AIO PC is believed to have a strong impact on the global AIO PC market,” Lee and Shen report, “which has been diminishing amid declining demand for PC products, commented the sources, noting that Lenovo and Apple are currently the top-two AIO PC vendors globally.

Lee and Shen report, “Global shipments of AIO PCs are expected to drop to 12.6 million units in 2016, down from 14 million shipped a year earlier, according to data compiled by Digitimes Research.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If true, beleaguered Microsoft is even more delusional than even we suspect.

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  1. I wouldn’t underestimate Microsoft at this juncture. Say what you want about Windows or Surface, but there has been an ebb in innovation in Cupertino, while MS seems to be moving progressively to make a dent in Mac sales. They still have a long, long way to go, but Apple needs to be more progressive.

    If you are as big as an Apple fan as I am, remember that no matter what you may want to think, we cannot be mere lemmings. I’ve known many that have already migrated from MacBooks to Surfaces and are quite content, although it’s clearly an inferior device with an inferior OS. But ONE device that does the work of two has its advantages, and that cannot be denied.

    1. I have a work-provided Surface Book. I was as big of an Apple fanboy you could find….but the Surface Book is awesome and is more innovative than anything coming out of Apple these days.
      I’m going to buy one to replace my home Mac. And my home hasn’t seen a Windows computer since 1992.
      Apple now seems more obsessed with stickers, emoji, and music…than computing. And that is fine if that is the markets they now pursue…I’m moving on.

      1. It’s really awesome. You get three antivirus subscriptions thrown in free with every purchase. Plus a pro-level defragger and a spyware removal tool completely free of charge. It also has two i7 processor cores dedicated for running anti-trojan and anti-malware scans 24/7 at 2.8 ghz. And it runs conflicker industrial grade botnet code.

        Let’s see your iMac do any of that.

      2. You forgot gender and political issues. Honestly, how many other tech companies are futzing around with such useless stuff. Is Apple really a tech company, anymore? It’s certainly not valued as one. Think of what a company with more than $200 B in the bank could really do if they just focused on outclassing the competition. A hell of a lot more than they do now. Apple is said to be getting its ass kicked by companies that aren’t even close to them in wealth. I’d swear Apple has just given up even trying to excel. Apple is now playing second fiddle to Amazon and its really sad.

        1. And the evidence is. People really do seem to think blather is a replacement good intelligent debate. I mean ‘it is said…’ what sort of argument is it when you mimic the intro to the Stig on TopGear.

        1. There is no great innovation in the Surface. Microsoft simply offers one convertible device that can approximately do what the iPad and the MacBook do, all without having to rely on iCloud to transfer files. And unfortunately Apple hasn’t done squat to foster good relations with premier app developers, let alone improve its own Mac offerings, so much of the best software on the planet is still tied to Windows. So many people can’t be blamed when they ignore the more expensive and stale Apple hardware and get a different make machine. Most objective reviewers would admit that with the Surface 4, Microsoft finally has a pretty decent machine with many advantages over any iOS device, and better usability/portability versus the iPad + Mac users.

          Me, I have lost the infatuation with touchsreen tablets long ago. I just use a Mac and have stopped relying on the god forsaken slow cloud to transfer data back and forth between an array of devices. Apple’s solution to bridge iOS and the Mac is just never going to work well enough to be relied upon. Just buy a MacBook Pro and a NAS and enjoy much better simplicity, security, flexibility, and no cloud subscription fees.

    2. This upper section of the forum thread is ridiculous…

      ferf disparages Apple for lack of innovation, but praises M$ for attempting to make a dent in Mac sales. How will they do that? By copying the iMac and calling it a Surface AIO. Is that innovative? If not, then why give kudos to M$?

      Mike is one of the ultimate Tim-hating trolls on this site. Enough said. Not worth any more electrons.

      And macnificentseven48, Apple has not been valued as a “tech company” (read growth company with high P/E) for a long, long time. There is no surprise there. Apple can and should do better, I agree. But your hyperbole about Apple playing second fiddle to Amazon? That’s nuts.

      Get a grip, people. Apple is motoring along pretty well. Sure it could be better. Give it a few years and you will likely be surprised on the upside, especially given how negative you are.

      1. KingMel, there are few on this thread who hope you are correct more than I do. I’d like to see that renaissance in a few years. But as a frequent business traveler that uses both an iPad and MacBook Pro on the road, frankly I grow tired of carrying both devices with me when I can have one device that accomplishes both. I want something with handwriting for note taking, with the potential for ink-to-text conversion, AND full versions of the tools I need to do my job, which unfortunately is mostly MS Office applications. It’s the nature of the beast. If Apple combined both into one unified OS, you’d have a beast that would devour MS once and for all.

        Mike may be a “Tim-hating troll”, but there are no Mac portables that have a detachable touch screen with a pen. And while Windows sucks next to macOS, I have to admit the Surface Book is slick. I think Apple is always upping the ante in terms of innovation, others are catching up.

        Amazon, BTW, doesn’t hold a candle to Apple. ‘Nuff said.

        1. Apple hasn’t upped the ante on the Mac front in 6 years. Apple deserves all the criticism they receive for mismanaging Mac hardware so badly. Cook is just milking the old hardware and letting the platform lose premier customers. He honestly believes that thin client computing with 100% reliance on iCloud is the future. Sorry, Apple, that’s not even close to what productive Mac users want or need.

  2. It’s really nothing to joke about. There will be countless articles saying how much superior it is to anything Apple has to offer because it’s a 2 in 1 device. It seems tech-heads love this type of device because they think they’re getting twice as much for their dollar spent. Apple is such an easy target for any company to come along and duplicate. Why doesn’t Apple go after any major tech companies and try to steal their business away? So stupid. Apple is already seeing their revenues melt away and Tim Cook is totally clueless as to what to do.

    J. Ive and his handicapped cylinder Mac Pro certainly isn’t helping Apple keep ahead of the competition. The company has so damn much money to build the best computers on the planet and they can’t even manage to build the best high-end professional computer that can use the latest improvements in graphics processors.

    1. You have a point in your last paragraph. Apple can and should pay more attention to its professional users. The trash can was an interesting experiment, but did not end up being what the people wanted. And it is not even being evolved/upgraded in a timely manner.

      Apple, use the previous cheese grater chassis as the basis for a pro-desktop redesign. Keep the functional industrial design, ease of access, and multiple bays/slots, but upgrade to the current state-of-the-art including the ability to utilize cutting edge graphics cards. Tone down the feet/handles and trim the case dimensions a bit. Include a couple of additional ports on the front.

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