Apple’s problems are worse than you think or something

“Apple is about to become a much less significant consumer electronics business,” Jon Markman writes for Forbes. “Apple is in the midst of being blindsided itself by cloud-based, artificially intelligent assistants. They’re the future and the rest of the technology world has been ramping up for a while, building out data centers, open-sourcing software tools and perfecting consumer facing software. Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana, Facebook has M, startup Viv Labs has Viv and Google has Assistant.”

“Siri still doesn’t live in the cloud. By design she lives on the device and has never risen above being more than a feature on a platform. Apple executives, especially Tim Cook argue that’s a good thing because it protects privacy,” Markman writes. “Siri will never be capable of answering complex questions or using context, and conversations are completely out of the question. So she compensates for her lack of understanding with trademark snark. While it’s cute in a sophomoric sort of way, it’s probably not a longer-term winning strategy. After all, you don’t hire assistants because they’re snarky. At some point they have to be able to do the job.”

MacDailyNews Take: Markman’s assertions simply do not mesh with reality:

“Google Assistant, for example, skims all of your Google services for ways to help you track appointments, parcels, flights and hotel bookings, sports scores, stock prices, traffic on your morning commute and more,” Markman writes. “It builds a briefing page only accessible by you that lives on all of your devices across platforms.”

MacDailyNews Take: Correction: It builds a briefing page only accessible by you and Alphabet Inc. (unless and until they get hacked, of course.)

“By most accounts the next paradigm shift is artificial intelligence and voice. Apple is not built to compete in that new paradigm,” Markman writes. “See you on the other side. GOOG and AMZN remain among the best bets for the AI generation, with Facebook not far behind.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just getting this one in the database for future reference.

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  1. I think you would want the A.I. on the device and behind your firewall. A cloud-based A.I. (which really means it resides within a data center somewhere in the world), connected to the Internet, with access to all of your devices, and access to all of your personal digitized information would seem to be the juiciest new target for cyber criminals. Seems that it would just be a matter of time before criminals can hack into your devices, steel information, or spy, maybe even take control of the A.I. to misdirect or misinform the user. For security reasons, I would never use a cloud-based A.I. I like Apple’s strategy of having Siri on the device.

  2. Apple have always played the long game. They were not the first to market with the MP3 player but they sure as hell redefined it. The world before the iPhone was riddled with chicklet keyboards and tiny screens—now every smartphone pays tribute to Apple’s redefinition of the phone.

    Sometimes, they do things that initially make no sense: when Apple bought PA Semiconductor and Intrinsity, no one could figure out why they would invest in chip design houses. The result: the A-series processors. Apple did not invent the GUI, the MP3 player or the smartphone, but they sure as hell created the paradigm and metaphors in consumer electronics technology that we all now take for granted in the modern world.

    They might not bat a thousand, but only a churlish person would not acknowledge their immense influence on modern consumer tech. As someone who was worked with computers since the early 70s, I know my life and work to date has been immeasurably improved by the Wizards of Cupertino.



  3. The research of,
    Jon Markman: “Alexa, find Siri in the cloud.”
    Alexa:”No clouds are named Siri. Did you mean Cirrus?”
    Markman:”Cortana, is Siri in the cloud?”
    Cortana:”I can find no airline or flight called Siri.”
    With research like this what other conclusion could Jon come to? /s 🖖😀⌚️

  4. You offer nothing here except insults you fucking idiot. Get lost for good! MDN should be taken to task for letting this same Bozo come on here with his Apple/Tim Cook hate diatribe and post the same thing over and over. In the old days you would have been tarred & feathered by now.

    Hey waitaminute maybe “One Note Joe” is actually MDN trying to get post bait?

  5. Brexit is the theme of this and other articles trying to trash Apple inc. this week, to drive the stock lower!


    Because hedge funds, who have had a rough year with Oil and then to cap it all, Brexit last week, where they piled into what they thought was a “remain’ certainty!!

    1. It could be we’re in for another WAVE 🏄 of market manipulation. The Brexit HySTeRiA 🙀🙀 was a wonderful opportunity for the WallNut Street wolves to shear the sheeple. The herd stampeded to dump stocks, blasting their prices through the floor, where the wolves grabbed them up for cheap, laughed and laughed! Witness the incredible rebound of the stock markets, especially the FTSE! 😝😝😝

      Hungry for more sheeple shearing, maybe this little ripple of a dumbass article presages the next wave of abuse.

  6. For fucksake MDN, have SOME kind of minimal standard.

    E.g. the pathetic loser, One Note Doofus Joe, should not be allowed to post the same crap hundreds of times.

  7. I have no idea what Jon Markman who writes for Forbes is talking about. His premise is wrong right at the start, seeing as Siri has ALWAYS used the cloud for querying questions. Apparently, he didn’t bother to read any Siri specs. What tripped him up is the fact that Siri does not keep user-associated data in the cloud, thank bloody gawd! I have to wonder if this blundering tech journalist is somehow attempting to convince us that SURVEILLANCE by companies is a good thing. I hope not!

    Jon Markman who writes for Forbes also didn’t bother to watch or read up on the WWDC 2016 keynote or any of the classes/presentations thereafter. This further serves to blow is dumbass article out of the water. From evidence of this POS article, he’s just another lazy ass ignorant journalist, creatures who are so outrageously common in the modern era. Where’s my Dumbass Blunder Blaster? 💥💥💥🔫

  8. over and over again old time regular MDN post commentators show they know more than ‘tech’ writers.

    I always read comments when I want a broader view of an article.

    1. So true but one needs to be somewhat in the know oneself in order to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff in these comments. Newcomers might be baffled by “longtime Mac users” totally trashing Apple for doing all the wrong things. MDN almost needs a TROLL label to separate legitimate complaints from fake ones. For example I’ve followed the discussions here for years yet still get blindsided by someone I supposed was an Apple stalwart but turned out to be just another guy with a personal political agenda, like getting a spam phone call or some crap in the mailbox. OK, I suppose that’s what one must expect in an unmoderated, ad-driven forum run by laissez-faire investors. The world turns on trade, which derives from business, which relies on advertising, which annoys the heck out of everyone, but which actually works. What a system.

        1. Each of us has been accused of that, but no parental-basement-dwelling for us! — we’re content with our midwest grafitti-decorated culverts and highway overpasses. The only true American philosophers are its hobo outcasts. Pass that pint bottle, if you please. 😝

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