Nancy Pelosi blasts Apple CEO Tim Cook for hosting GOP fundraiser

“Tuesday’s fundraiser for House Republicans in Menlo Park being held by Apple CEO Tim Cook isn’t sitting well with a certain Bay Area politician whose district begins 30 miles to the north,” John King reports for The San Francisco Gate.

King reports, “‘Poor Tim. What a nice guy he is, but somebody gave him bad advice,’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, said at the end of an animated 15-minute phone interview Monday evening. ‘He probably doesn’t think that much about politics.'”

“Pelosi ticked off a number of issues where, she said, the Republicans in Congress have taken positions at odds with core values in Silicon Valley,” King reports. “‘Trump, he’s out of the question, but they’re going to help the Republicans in Congress?’ Pelosi asked with rhetorical vigor. ‘What? Do you know? Do you care?'”

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  1. I cannot express in words how much I long for this wicked witch to just melt away.

    On a side note, I wish the US would pass a law requiring political donations, contributions and money collected from fund raising efforts be solely from individuals who are registered-to-vote US citizens. There shoud be NO hidden monies in an election and absolutely none collected from companies/corporations and absolutely none from foreigners or foreign governments. Individuals donating extremely large sums of money should be subject to audits to verify the origin and any politician found to have taken money in violation of the law should be permanently barred from running for any public office, national, state or local. I know, this surely would piss off politicians on either side of the aisle!

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