Nancy Pelosi blasts Apple CEO Tim Cook for hosting GOP fundraiser

“Tuesday’s fundraiser for House Republicans in Menlo Park being held by Apple CEO Tim Cook isn’t sitting well with a certain Bay Area politician whose district begins 30 miles to the north,” John King reports for The San Francisco Gate.

King reports, “‘Poor Tim. What a nice guy he is, but somebody gave him bad advice,’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, said at the end of an animated 15-minute phone interview Monday evening. ‘He probably doesn’t think that much about politics.'”

“Pelosi ticked off a number of issues where, she said, the Republicans in Congress have taken positions at odds with core values in Silicon Valley,” King reports. “‘Trump, he’s out of the question, but they’re going to help the Republicans in Congress?’ Pelosi asked with rhetorical vigor. ‘What? Do you know? Do you care?'”

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  1. What’s the big deal?

    Here in the UK various companies will donate funds or publicly support political parties in one way or another. It’s a fact of life and no grown-ups get upset about it. Those that get really upset might take their business elsewhere, but not many seem to actually care that much.

  2. I agree. I’m ticked off that he’s doing this. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire Republican Party that’s responsible for those positions. I used to be Republican, but that was years ago. The party has moved so far to the right, that I can’t be a part of it any longer.

    I think he’s making up for not supporting the convention. But that’s BS. Just don’t do it Tim.

      1. The majority of the country is now:

        More ethnically diverse.
        More sexually diverse.
        More left leaning.

        These are the statistics.

        The republicans do not reflect America.

          1. Pelosi represents Californians, not conservatives from the red states.

            Cook is just trying to butter both sides of the bread, and he’s being called on it. He will never have the support of republicans because he actively supports all things gay and socially liberal, and he could alienate democrats by financially supporting the most obstructionist partisan group that has ever held power in Washington DC.

            Cook would be wise to stay out of politics and instead lead technological development of things that everyone can agree on — such as more reliable, secure, private IT systems.

            For the record, Pelosi has accurately represented her constituents. Attacking her for making an astute observation of Cook’s poorly thought out debutante move into politics is typical of the mud slinging that blind partisanship breeds.

            Why can’t Apple get back to creating great products? Cook needs to go, and both sides of extreme rabid partisanship on click-whoring MDN needs to stop.

            1. It wouldn’t be smart to not have access to the Republican party (minus Trump). Those connections are a great way to have influence on social and business views of the right.

            2. What a bunch of horseshit. I was once a Democrat, but have voted primarily Republican since the 80s. Tim Cook has my support. Gays have my support. All races and religion have my support. What I don’t support is a Balkanization of America, which the Democrats fueled by the hard Left is working unceasingly to achieve. And what you call “obstructionism” I call trying to keep the matches out the hands of a bunch of children who out of ignorance are going to burn down a pretty darn good house. And PS– Pelosi does NOT represent Californians. She represents only Democrats, and only extreme Left wing versions of that party. And she has never uttered an astute observation in her life. This is Pelosi…the woman who said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

            3. Pelosi does NOT represent California. She represents a congressional district in San Francisco. She does not represent them well either. Unless they are all bug eyed idiots that can’t string together a cohesive sentence.

          2. The majority historically will always march off a cliff. If everyone was educated and ethical, moral they would not be so foolishly liberal. But lemmings are the masses. Just as the apple koolaid drinkers. Apple has turned into what in 1984 they were fighting against. Its 1984 all over again. In so many ways.

          1. Yeah but if you drill down into that poll you see the greater number that the overall ideological base of the country is left leaning, but not outright “liberal”. Most people in the us are centerists and center left. I.e. Socially liberal and economically conservative. The social conservatives are in the minority, they’re just really loud. The majority of the population of the country is in the blue states to begin with so logically the majority of the population is center left, as evidenced by the near 2-1 advantage of democratic voters to republicans. Now, democrats are basically lazy voters and only turn out when they “fall in love” with a candidate (read Kennedy, Clinton, Obama) whereas conservatives and republicans vote pretty much in lock step in every election, and always show up. The few exceptions in the last century being 1992, 1996, 1964, and 1932-1948. Democrats are also more likely to vote for a candidate of the opposite party, whereas republicans typically have the attitude of “I’m a republican, and I have to vote for one” hence their typical midterm/low turnout election turn out totals. (Read 1980,1984, 1952,1956,1968,1972) the. You have the liberal base of the party who have the same basic ideological purity test as the right wing does and tend to cast “protest votes” often derailing elections that are winnable, which could easily happen this year just like in 2000.

            It’s never just as simple as looking at a headline when reading polls. Trends are more important. And also the definitions they use for each term are also indicative of weather it was a push poll, or a deeper analytical study. Also doing a poll like this during primary season is never very accurate considering the likely voters polled are of the base of each party. Which is why no polls should be paid attention to until after each convention is over with.

          2. There is a disconnect between what people support and how they politically identify. Otherwise, they are far more liberal than they describe themselves to be.

            Repeatedly, when Americans are asked about issues without the hot button labels attached they trend center left, yet when asked by label they think themselves more center-right. Add in a low information society and a corporate controlled media that biases Republican and insider over liberal and outsider.

            The two most popular programs of government with the American people are Social Security and Medicare. Despite this, Republicans have been trying to destroy or undermine both from creation. Social Security and Medicare are hardly conservative ideas.

            Newt Gongrich, George W Bush and Paul Ryan share the Republican wet dream of privatizing Medicare and Social Security so the Banksters can get their cut and rob us blind. In 2005 Dubya pushed private accounts for Social Security that would have been invested on Wall Street just in time for the 2007-8 Bush Depression.

    1. When you consider what the Attorney General (who is appointed by the President) is trying to do to Apple, Tim Cook should not support any democrat. Can you ‘splain Ms Pelosi?

      Here is a link with the unbelievable facts that Ms Pelosi would like “Poor Tim” to ignore. Don’t condescend to him Nancy, be accountable for the actions of your President!

      U.S. DOJ asks Supreme Court to overturn ruling that favored Apple over Samsung’s iPhone copying

  3. Pelosi is a foul, foul character. A repugnant “the ends justify the means” unprincipled politician. A criticism from her should be taken as a compliment and affirmation that you’ve just done something noble.

  4. Pelosi is one of the dimmest bulbs in the Dem’s toy box. Tim Cook can do as he damn well pleases and supporting both parties and the political process in general is as American as it comes, which is more than I say for the hapless & terminal embarrassment that is Nancy Pelosi. Personally i think it’s time we kicked both corrupted parties out to the curb and keep greedy & bribe happy special interests completely out of government. Lobbyists can take a hike. Politicians should serve no one but the common man & woman aka people – what a concept! (Like our Founding Father’s concept, eh heh.)

    1. “…time we kicked both corrupted parties out to the curb and keep greedy & bribe happy special interests completely out of government… Politicians should serve no one but the… people.”

      Yes — But — HOW can this be done?

      I’d suggest the majority of the population would certainly be no better as leaders, if not a lot worse. People are riddled with pathological selfishness, tribalism, stupidity and violent tendencies. The worst can come out at the slightest disturbance to their lives. We, collectively, are poisoning the planet and our own children. We REALLY suck as a species.

      Complaining is easy. I know. I’ve done it for many decades. Doing anything constructive about it is much, much, much, much harder.

      1. This is the problem with politics – people. As Linus said “I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand.” You’re right, complaining IS easy (as many have proved on this site). An easy solution? No, but I still think possible. But the human race is often it’s own worst enemy. I for one am looking forward to welcoming our inevitable Siri Robot Overlords….

  5. Pepsi Cola is close, “He probably doesn’t think that much about politics.” but likely “He probably doesn’t think that much about politicians.” is more accurate.

    It’s a smart conclusion.

  6. Mr Cook would be well advised not to attach his name nor his company’s name to endorsing a politician of any stripe, much less the ass clown Ayn Rand, err, Paul Ryan.

    I vote with my wallet and I don’t
    want my money going to a politician. I’m sure you don’t
    want yours to go that way either,

    to make matters worse, supporting a local candidate from afar is just hubris.

  7. I remember her shrills when Mitt was in the bay area, Hillsborough to raise money. She companied that he’s the 1% and only hangs with rich people.

    When Obama went to the bay area a few days later, he drove to Atherton but that was all good and OK.

    For those not familiar with the bay area. Atherton and Hillsborough are both high end big money expensive. Not sure why when Mitt goes to Hillsborough, he’s a dirtbag, but when Obama goes to Atherton, it’s perfectly fine.

    Pelosi is a shrilly witch.

    1. Other than the fact that Romney is worth somewhere around $450 million. He is the literal embodiment of the upper .1%, I think that’s what she was referring to.

      Secondly our legalized bribery system sucks. Especially all the dark money. If we’re going to bribe our politicians, the donations should at least be public record. Ultimately I’d like to see completely publicly funded elections, with the equal time clause in full effect and all media be free for all candidates. That’s a utopian dream, and probably unrealistic, but one can dream…

    1. The alternative view that liberal gay activist Thin Tim works both sides of the political isle, hmm, sounds fair and balanced.

      Unless of course, I’ll pass if you’re a foaming at mouth fever swamp libtard … 🤒

  8. I’ve noticed that when people don’t agree with a powerful female figure that all too often they attack the way she looks, dresses, the tone of her voice, call her names like “witch,” etc., rather than commenting on her ideas. It’s like these people think that a woman is somehow less-than a man and feel that they have the right to attack her very person. That is why woman from across the societal spectrum receive verbal abuse and threats of violence from dim-wits on the Internet. I hope that having the first female President in the near future will shine a light on this kind of sexism as completely unacceptable. If you don’t like Ms. Pelosi then disagree with her ideas or actions. It is not acceptable to smear her by attacking her gender or tone of voice or the way she looks. Maybe people will come to realize that these kinds of comments are obsolete. Drives me crazy how people talk about what brand of clothing the First Lady is wearing, but they would never dream of asking the President what brand of suit he wears. If you don’t agree with Ms. Pelosi then state your opinion based on professional facts. Just calling a women demeaning names doesn’t say much about her, but says a lot about you.

    1. I seem to recall the very professional question of what kind of underwear the former Clinton wore, so I believe your point is moot. Which is what it should have been in the first place.

  9. As CEO of one of the largest tech companies, Tim Cook is obligated to act in the best interests of Apple. That means cozying up to anyone who is in a position to affect legislation that would benefit or harm Apple’s interests, such as Paul Ryan, one of, if not the, most powerful member of Congress. I doubt that he agrees with many of Ryan’s positions, but he needs to try to make him understand how Apple could be impacted by such things as the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

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