The ultimate guide to using the new Apple TV

“Apple’s new set-top box retains the sleek black look of its predecessor—albeit with a few changes. It’s a thicker, taller box now, omitting its digital audio out port in favor of a single HDMI port, power cable, Ethernet port, and USB-C service port,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore. “Inside that midnight shell, the Apple TV packs some impressive hardware, a neat new remote, and great new software.”

“Internally, the new Apple TV has gotten a major upgrade since its last update in 2012: It now sports a 64-bit A8 processor with 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and 32GB or 64GB storage,” Caldwell writes. “The Retina revolution hasn’t quite reached the Apple TV yet: You’re still looking at 1080p resolution output from Apple’s fourth-generation set top box, though you can now view it at either 30fps or 60fps.”

“The Apple TV’s tvOS apps use on-demand resources to keep your local file size as small as possible,” Caldwell writes. “This means that you can install more apps and games without worrying that they’ll eat up your 32GB or 64GB storage space.”

Covered in the full guide:

Apple TV: The ultimate guide
• How to automatically set up your Apple TV with your iPhone
• How to manually set up your new Apple TV
• Master the virtual Apple TV keyboard
• How to download apps on Apple TV
• How to redeem promo codes for Apple TV apps
• How to rearrange, force quit, and delete apps on the Apple TV
• How to create folders for apps on Apple TV
• How to take a screenshot or record video on your Apple TV

Configure your Apple TV
• How to rename Apple TV
• How to update your Apple TV’s software
• How to change Wi-Fi networks
• How to tweak audio and video settings
• How to set up multiple iTunes accounts on Apple TV
• How to change your privacy settings
• How to change your Apple TV screensaver
• How to pair or reset Siri Remote or Apple TV remote
• How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your Apple TV
• How to add a game controller to your Apple TV
• How to control your TV with your Siri Remote
• How to hook up Apple TV to external optical-audio speakers
• How to set up your Apple TV with Sonos

Use Apple TV
• How to use the Siri Remote
• How to search for apps, movies, and music
• How to use Dictation on Apple TV
• How to AirPlay your iPhone or iPad screen to Apple TV
• How to AirPlay your computer screen to Apple TV
• How to control Apple TV with a keyboard
• How to control Apple TV with Apple Watch
• How to control Apple TV with the Remote app

Enjoy Content
• How to rent or buy movies and TV shows
• How to watch movies and TV shows
• How to cancel your video subscriptions
• How to use Home Sharing with Apple TV
• How to use iCloud Photo Library on Apple TV

Play Music and Podcasts
• How to use Apple Music in the Music app
• How to use iCloud Music Library on Apple TV
• How to create and add to Apple Music stations
• How to create and add to playlists in the Music app
• How to get better Apple Music recommendations
• Five shortcuts in the Apple TV Music app you need to know
• How to use the Podcast app on Apple TV
• How to stream music over AirPlay
• How to adjust audio in the Music app

Apple TV and Accessibility
• How to make Apple TV’s interface easier to see
• How to use tvOS’s vision accessibility features
• How to enable closed captions
• How to use the Siri Remote Accessibility Shortcut

Troubleshoot your Apple TV

Apple TV: The review
• tvOS FAQ: everything you need to know!
• Best Apple TV apps you need to download right now
• Best Bluetooth headphones for your new Apple TV

It’s all here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you have the new Apple TV, this guide is indispensable. It clarified and reminded us of many useful Apple TV features.


  1. I will say this untill hell freezes over ..or until Apple offers a solution thats better..
    Tvos to me the pinnacle of shallow thought and implementation… So much hype and buzz for years( not months but years).. So much potential and yet some obviouse and basic navigational and content orginazitional tools are ommited and missing….. Rendering content orginazation and followup a fragmented experiance between individual apps with no centralization…
    No way to organize and consolidate favorites from different apps in central interap folders ….no centralized reminders for new content of interest ..
    I have to memorize and remember what content i have liked in each app and then individually scan each app to get to them.. That is if i remember!?
    My Jurassic dvr/cable box does a better job of letting me organize and centralize my favorite stuff and does a better job of reminding me of new content .

    The database is there.. Tags are there.. Why not allow centralization… Whats the benifit of the fragmanted experience? None imo .

  2. I don’t understand. Apple introduced the Apple TV 4 some time ago. Is this an article from the past that somehow got lost in the ether? Like a letter that is delivered years late.

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