Irish probe into Apple privacy policies could affect every Apple device user

“As it gears up for an audit into Apple, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner says her office has been strengthened in the last 12 months,” Adrian Weckler reports for The Independent. “And with tough new fines on data protection to commence soon, Helen Dixon tells our Technology Editor that we will shortly stop treating data privacy as an afterthought.”

Adrian Weckler (AW): Your office has been saying for a while that it was considering an audit into Apple’s data transfer activities. Is that imminent?
Helen Dixon (HD): Yes, we’re now gearing up to undertake this. We’ve identified a very specific risk recently that came in through a complaint from another data protection authority and we’ve decided to scope an audit specifically around what’s at issue in these complaints. That will commence in the next couple of months, by the Autumn time.

AW: What will the audit focus on?
HD: I don’t want to get into it in too much detail until we’ve spoken more to Apple about it. But this is something substantive that we want to look into. It’s an area that will affect lots of data subjects, probably anyone who uses an Apple device.

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re interested on hearing more about this. No company sides with users’ privacy more than Apple.

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