Samsung to invest $6.8 billion OLED display investment focused on Apple iPhone

“Samsung is looking to increase production of its AMOLED displays by more than 50-percent in 2016 – all with an eye on supplying Apple and other manufacturers as they update their devices in 2017,” Cory McNutt reports for Android Headlines. “Apple was going to wait until 2018 to make the switch, but it looks like a partial update will occur in 2017.”

“Samsung’s investment in production will run them a cool $6.82 billion and will boost capacity to well over 200 million smartphone displays,” McNutt reports. “this expected increase would allow [Samsung] to produce upwards of 500 million displays, with 100 million of the 5.5-inch displays going for the 2017 iPhone.”

“While it is true that Samsung is building extra OLED capacity, the industry sometimes follows Apple, and with the new iPhone switching to an OLED panel, other companies may follow suit – Xiaomi and Huawei are planning on switching to OLED displays,” McNutt reports. “Samsung’s South Korea rival, LG, is the largest maker of LCD panels, but even they are investing 10 trillion won or close to $15 billion USD, over the next several years in expanding their production of OLED televisions and possibly smartphone production. Japan Display will spend 50 billion yen, or about $479 million dollars to build a new OLED production line – starting production in the spring of 2017 and mass production starting a year later in 2018.”

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