Why I remain unconvinced when Apple denies plans to introduce iMessage to Android

“Apple’s improved iMessages system is a tent pole feature within iOS with implications across Apple Watch and the Mac, and while the company insists it has no plans to extend the service elsewhere, I still think doing so is a logical step,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“iMessages apps depend on app extensions that interact between the iPhone and Messages app and lets users send text, stickers, media files, and interactive messages, even including use of interactive messages,” Evans writes. “Apps can access device features such as the camera and Apple Pay for use by/within apps. App creators can create their own unique app interfaces within iMessage, so I fully expect digital marketing and brand sponsorships of viral sticker and apps packs.”

“The only problem is that there is little point sending an astonishingly funny and well-crafted iMessage using all the features the app now provides if the person you are sending to is not on an Apple platform,” Evans writes. “They won’t see the message. That’s why when Apple denies plans to introduce iMessage to Android I remain unconvinced.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Evans’ skepticism is well-founded.

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  1. Beside Safari and Apple Music, has Apple ported apps to other platforms? I don’t honestly recall any others. Safari has been a flop. And I’m betting Apple Music was ported because a) Apple could clearly make money off it and b) the record companies probably insisted that Apple Music include other platforms.

    So, what would Apple gain from porting iMessage? They can’t control the complete experience because they can’t third party extensions on the other platform. So they dilute the iMessage system. Plus, remember how BlackBerry ported BBM to other platforms? It was supposed to save the company or something. That didn’t work out so well.

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