How Apple will make every app much faster in iOS 10

“A lot of changes are coming in iOS 10, and while things like iMessage apps get a lot of attention, there’s also some underlying tech that will make all of your apps run a lot faster and smoother,” Nate Swanner reports for TNW. “Here’s the simplest version of how it’s all going to happen: instead of loading content as you scroll, the content those APIs assume you’ll be accessing will load a bit sooner.”

“If you’re scrolling through an app like Airbnb, there are a lot of ‘cells,’ or blocks of data. If you scroll fast, you’ve likely seen apps jitter trying to keep up. That’s commonly called ‘dropping frames,’ and makes apps look a bit worse than they are,” Swanner reports. “During a session at WWDC, Apple noted the reason for those dropped frames was that content is loaded just before it lands on-screen. Those cells you’re about to scroll to were loaded milliseconds before you got to them.”

“Now, Apple is loading those cells well ahead of the time you scroll to them to make sure that when they do land on your screen, the scrolling performance and load times aren’t noticeable,” Swanner reports. “It’s what’s called ‘prefetching data,’ and works in reverse, too. Cells that vanish from your screen as you scroll are kept around a bit longer in case you decide you missed something important and want to scroll back up.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Plus, with very little effort on the developer’s part, other than compiling their apps for iOS 10, this noticeable performance improvement “just works.”

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  1. iOS needs to be faster than fingers can move. Reducing those useless pesky animation. Avoid motion and parallax effect. Of course I can turn those off at accessibility but it doesn’t work and it doesn’t go faster. The fading transition feels far slower than motion effects.

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