Apple’s ‘boring’ iPhone SE is paying off

“When Apple took the wraps off the iPhone SE in March, fanboys (and girls) everywhere wondered, is that it?” Alice Truong writes for Quartz.

“The iPhone SE, though relatively cheap at $399 to $499 in the US, was underwhelming. This was essentially the innards of the iPhone 6S jammed into the body of the now-dated 5S,” Truong writes. “While many were clearly disappointed, Apple saw the device as a way to capture a larger share of the lower-priced smartphone market. The strategy seems to be paying off.”

“According to a June 15 report from Credit Suisse, the market for $500-plus phones is narrowing in recent years, comprising a smaller share of smartphones globally,” Truong writes.

Apple's new 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE

Truong writes, “The iPhone SE is Apple’s ticket to seizing greater market share of cheaper devices. Of smartphones priced at $300 to $500, Apple’s share is projected to grow to 17% globally in 2016 from 8% last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Granted, it’s not a Liquidmetal iPhone, but the iPhone SE is actually a gorgeous (might we say the most gorgeous?) iPhone, packed full of modern tech. It’s hardly “boring” or “lackluster.”


  1. I’ve been buying and using iPhones since the original iPhone, and I totally love my iPhone SE. It is by far the best iPhone I’ve ever had. Some people will say anything.

  2. Steve Jobs knew that 4″ screens were the right size ergonomically. You can use it with the thumb of the hand you hold it in, on the go, no issues, and get to all of the screen without adjusting your grip.

    6s and 6s+ screens have a place of course. However, Apple really missed out on an entire market when they let the 4″ phones fall behind. Some of us were saying it all along of course. It’s great to be proven right. My SE is a great phone.

    1. Steve Jobs touted the 3.5 inch screen as the perfect size. Then he died. Later an iPhone with a 4 inch screen was produced, to cries of “Steve never would have done this” and adverts showing slightly awkward one-handed use of the thing. How soon we forget.

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