Apple just supercharged the most important social network in your life

“This is the most exciting thing Apple announced at its annual developer’s conference on Monday: Apple announced it was laser-focused on Messages—or what I call the most important social network in my life. It’s where I have most private digital conversations with my family and friends and where I share far more photos and videos,” Joanna Stern writes for The Wall Street Journal. “”

“When iOS 10 comes this fall to iPhones and iPads, you’ll be able to enhance your private messages with… stickers, make emojis bigger, even use apps like DoorDash to order lunch with friends, without ever leaving the chat,” Stern writes. “Messaging apps have emerged as the darling of the technology world because they’re becoming the glue that connects us to the most important people and services in our lives. Sound a lot like an operating system? That’s the idea.”

“My biggest concern is that family and friends on Android devices or Windows PCs will be missing out on the fun,” Stern writes. “iMessage, the platform underpinning the Messages app, remains one of the strongest lures in Apple’s trap. Apple was rumored to be bringing Messages to Android, but that hasn’t been announced.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you want in on all of the fun, you need an iOS device:


    1. Well I must be a geezer at age 45, because I hated the ad, both the noise and the speed. Other than typing queen and seeing an emoji take place of the word queen, it wasn’t clear to me what was going on.

  1. Bad headline Give up the superlatives MDN, and that includes “Mind Boggling” in another story.

    The IOS ad is even worse.

    It’s as if they have a checklist at Apple these days. It’s just formulaic. By flooding us with stimulation, are we supposed to think it’s creative?

    If this is what Apple virtual reality is also going to be…don’t need it.

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