Why is Siri talking about the Mac’s Finder?

“Siri is widely expected to make up a big part of Monday’s WWDC keynote (alongside iOS 10, macOS 10.12 and more) but it seems like it is already inadvertently tipping the hat on what is going to be announce,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Brian Roemelle found that by asking the voice assistant about [‘opening settings in the window’] on his phone, Siri would start referencing the ‘Finder’ app in its responses,” Mayo reports. “Obviously, iOS doesn’t have a Finder app but OS X does.”

Mayo reports, “It seems like Siri is unintentionally leaking the unveiling of Siri for Mac ahead of schedule, or perhaps even a brand new Finder app for iOS 10.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like Siri didn’t sign the NDA.

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  1. Apple needs to offer alternatives to the Siri voice, as they do when you convert text to speech.

    One reason I don’t use Siri is that it sounds too much like the voice you get phoning a company and having to go through their decision tree: Do you speak English? Press 1. Is this about an outage in your area? Press 2. Are you calling about your billing? Press 3.


    Maybe Apple could give us the voice of HAL.

  2. Or maybe you could go into Siri’s settings and um, maybe sorta kinda look around? Ugh! Anyways, a Finder app would be nice, or maybe they’ll integrate finder with the ability to use Internet accounts like Dropbox, as Gnoma does.

  3. Yeah, I did not bother with the settings to change the voice of Siri. But my grade-school daughter did. So you can probably figger it out. :-p

    For me, Siri sounds like an English bloke.

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