Apple hires architect of BMW and Mercedes satellite navigation systems

“Apple Inc. has hired Sinisa Durekovic, a software engineer who led the development of satellite navigation systems used by luxury carmakers including BMW AG, Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen AG’s Audi,” Alex Webb reports for Bloomberg.

“Durekovic, who joined Apple in an unspecified role in October, was principal architect and then chief engineer for navigation at Harman International Industries Inc., whose systems are used by a slew of carmakers,” Webb reports. “Apple’s Maps app has received consistently tepid reviews since its release in 2012, and the iPhone maker has intensified its efforts to improve the product this year.”

“Durekovic had been working in the Munich suburb of Garching, close to BMW’s headquarters in the city, before relocating to the San Francisco area when he joined Apple last year, according to his LinkedIn profile,” Webb reports. “He holds a patent on a system that uses mapping data to prevent car collisions.”

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  1. Having owned 4 new Beemers and 1 new Benz, the Nav systems in both brands is absolute crap.

    Both the software and faulty hardware, disgustingly bad, I also have a lifetime subscription to MBrace from
    Benz too.

    My iPhone has been my Nav system for years now.

  2. I remember when Apple hired Kevin Lynch from Adobe’s Flash team and everyone couldn’t figure out what he was working on. Then came Apple Watch, which no one saw coming with Lynch at the lead. Could it be that Apple is putting Sinisa’s talents to work on products that do not sync up with his background? Let’s watch this one with anticipation.

    1. I remember…time was, everyone watched with anticipation, and excitement, and wonder, about what was forthcoming; the future held promises of rich new experiences, almost as if we were once again children with stars in our eyes, clutching adventure books and dreaming of what we might achieve ourselves one day.

      I guess that’s all gone out of fashion. Whatever miracle products get announced, they’ll be derivative crap. Also Santa Claus is still dead.

  3. Does anyone else notice how anal retentive apple has become under cook? a billion little annoying updates on iPads, minor this and minor that releases to iOS, and macos but really they are just a bunch of henpecks now, nothing new ever comes out of this massive pile of smart people.

    1. Yes and these socalled smart people are easy pickings for the likes of us, who rob banks and pretend to care for the poor but keep the swag for ourselves. As for anal retentive, we ain’t that educated but I did hear tell of a Doctor Freud who called Steve Jobs the ultimate anal retentive bar none. A pity he’s dead and all. Anyhoo Apple is where the money is, that’s why we come here to hold up the bank tellers, and gun down a few customers for fun. Them ATMs, there’s no joy in hijacking a machine. We love to see ’em bleed.

  4. You really are one sick little shit, One Note Joe. What a pathetic life you must have… that coming here and spouting this incessant vacuous negativity is how you get off.

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