Google CEO: We feel we’re ahead of Apple, others in artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence continues to be a game changer for Google — and it’s playing to win that game, its chief executive said,” Anita Balakrishnan reports for CNBC. “‘For us, we definitely see a huge opportunity. We see it as an inflection point,’ said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet’s core Google division. ‘We started feeling it about three to four years ago.'”

“Pichai said the fight for AI between Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google isn’t quite as vicious as HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ but could be as heated as, say, an NBA championship,” Balakrishnan reports. “‘We do a variety of bench-marking studies, so we generally feel we are ahead,’ Pichai said.”

Balakrishnan reports, “He spoke Wednesday from the annual Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We feel we’re ahead of Apple and others in artificial intelligence… because we don’t give two shits about our users’ privacy and they’re easily stupid enough to let us track everything they do and everywhere they go.


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  1. They were way ahead of Apple, others in glassholes as I recall. How they’ve been able to recoup any credibility following that appalling fiasco I have no clue.

    1. One Note Joe – I’ve been thinking over and over about a solution to your problems. I finally came to a brilliant solution! Just fuck off!

      Either Apple’s hardware and software is the best, in which case… shut up.
      Or it’s way behind, in which case go buy the better stuff.

      The logic is simple. The conclusion inescapable. You have severe mental problems. Help is available. See your local health professional… or witch doctor… or electroshock specialist… SOMETHING!

  2. Spin it all you want MDN Fanboy Brigade, but Google and even Microsoft are light-years ahead of Apple in AI and machine learning. Maybe Apple can set Eddy Cue on that project and it’ll be as successful as iCloud.

      1. I believe that’s about to change at WWDC in a few days so keep your panties on. We’ll soon see how “uninterested” Tim Cook is. I love these kinds of disingenuous browbeating childish posts days before major announcements are known to be afoot. Let the doofuses have their say before being profoundly silenced and crushed by impending reality. For now.

        1. Speaking of panties:

          Barack Obama: “When we get to the White House, I’m going to Michelle’s bedroom and rip her panties off!”
          Joe Biden: “Are you feeling frisky?”
          Barack Obama: “No, they keep crawling up my butt!”

      2. How incredibly misinformed people can be.

        Yes, Apple has abandoned the DIRECTION SIRI was going, but only because a much better direction has surfaced in the AI technology developed by VocalIQ. VocalIQ is an order of magnitude (probably more) ahead of anything the competition is working on, and most importantly, Apple owns them.

        Read Apple Insider’s review of VocalIQ vs the competition:

        1. So Apple is planning on integrating it into Siri or replacing Siri? Integration may be somewhat difficult and still won’t solve the general use that the others have of accessing 3rd party apps on the device. I understand Apple is trying to remedy this by providing an API that app developers can use but that still requires the developer to implement it. Until that portion is also addressed the new voice AI may be better at parsing but will still remain functionally behind. Another thing I wonder is whether VocalIQ is only proficient in English.

    1. I don’t use Siri anymore. Tried a few times and it was awful. Doesn’t know very much and if I just wanted it to return a link to a web page, I could have done that myself. They need to sink time and money into this service or they’ll keep falling behind. I’m hopeful the IBM partnership and potential access to Watson’s AI will help.

  3. Google : “Yeah we’re way ahead in AI. We call it ‘I Robot’ from our Ultron program within our Skynet division”
    And we all know how they turned out…

  4. Okay kids. Look. Read this carefully. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon if you wanna include them, are ahead because they let their AI do whatever it wants. Take image recognition. If you let AI do all it can at this point, you may have an image of a man, but get “man riding a skateboard at night,” from the AI. Do you think that’s cool? Do you think it’s advanced? Good for you, you should fit in with Google nicely. The point is, not every advancement is ready for accurate usage. Take Facebook’s photo descriptions for the blind. Currently, it may say if a photo contains a person, if it’s taken indoors or outdoors, or even if it has food in the picture. Why not more? Because then the AI might say something that’s not even there. Come on Google folks, think. Apple values accurate AI, not an AI that’ll just happily spit out anything just because it can.

  5. This sounds much more interesting than what Google recently announced:

    View at

    I highly recommend watching the video presentation at the end of the page. There will be a future where no one will be able to hide from their emotions. I’m looking forward to the day when Apple Glasses will immediately inform me that the woman I just passed in the store is interested in my strapping attire (shorts and flip-flops).

  6. Google’s approach:

    1. Keep throwing money at useless projects which can bring good media coverage. Dont bother if they fail… Examples: tons of messaging apps, glasshole, modular phones, 100+

    2. When a product is successful just clone it with the support of thieves and manage it by lobbying govt.

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