Apple said to extend making major iPhone models to once every three years

“Apple will likely take three years between full-model changes of its iPhone devices, a year longer than the current cycle,” Yuichiro Kanematsu reports for Nikkei. “In a typical two-year term, fall 2016 was supposed to see a major upgrade, but the changes on the model to be launched this autumn will be minor, such as improved camera quality.”

“The move is largely due to smartphone functions having little room left for major enhancements,” Kanematsu reports. “A slowing market is another factor.”

Purported photo of iPhone 7 rear case
Purported photo of iPhone 7 rear case
“The new version slated for this autumn will look almost identical to the current iPhone 6. Functions such as the camera, water resistance and battery capacity will likely be improved, and the headphone jack will be removed,” Kanematsu reports. “Also, a high-end version of the model will give users better-quality photo capabilities via correction functions.”

“The 2017 model will likely involve major enhancements and design changes, including adoption of an organic electroluminescent display,” Kanematsu reports. “The new device will also be able to create more complex tactile vibrations on the display because of a tiny, but high-performance motor equipped inside.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This report does echo notes from well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Hopefully, if true, this also means Apple will drop the needlessly denigrating “S” nomenclature and instead simply go with iPhone, iPhone Plus, and any other iPhone models they devise (“iPhone Pro” or “iPhone Air,” for example) denoted with the year of release.

We’re dreaming of the iPhone (2016) family running iOS 10 (iOS X?) already!

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  3. Apple can’t do this. Android already updates many times a year. Now that MS has basically thrown in the towel for mobile phones and windows 10 is becoming a huge disaster Apple has a huge opportunity here to put a death kneel on them and then they can start pecking at Android and slowly knock them down.
    But they pull this stunt they will become a has been in a few years. No one wants to wait 3 years to get a new phone. Technology just jumps to much in a few months in this day and age.
    I hate the whole S series crap anyway. No reason we can’t jump good technology every year especially with Apples upgrade program.

  4. Every three years .. Lol ……Expect to sales and stock price to drop along with it…
    In a wold where competition is growing more furious… Apple wants to take a layed back approach.. Lol. … They sure are smoking something there..
    Or Nikkei is….big time…

    Unless!… Apple have something else and huge that they hope will make up for the falling sales…

    2018 is my cutoff line with apple… has been for a while… Some sort of conviction on my behalf … Which is getting harder and harder to hold on to.
    They keep following the 2015 dissarray and bogus Ryhtem and im out…

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