Volkswagen: We will starve and eventually take over Apple

“Whenever a new CEO takes the helm at Volkswagen AG, he announces a brand-new strategy,” Bertel Schmitt reports for Forbes. “Last week, it was CEO Matthias Müller’s turn to proclaim his new strategy at a mass meeting of Volkswagen managers, flown in from all four corners of the Wolfsburg empire. The objective of the meeting was, as Germany’s BILD wrote, to ‘close the ranks’ of Volkswagen’s officer corps, and to swear them in on the new direction before the new strategy is formally announced in a few months. The plan may require a little more work for everybody to sign up. Volkswagen’s leadership appears to be divided. Some members of VW’s digitalization team dream the new direction will lead to a takeover of Apple.”

“Last time a grand new strategy was revealed was after Martin Winterkorn took over at VW in 2007. He announced the Strategy 2018, Volkswagen’s plan for total world domination,” Schmitt reports. “The plan was that by 2018, Volkswagen would overtake Toyota, not just in units, but in profitability, innovation, customer satisfaction, everything.”

“The managers I talked to were not impressed. One attendee remarked that there ‘was little or nothing for a carmaker in the classical sense.’ Another Volkswagen manager characterized Müller’s presentation as ‘a lot of insipid speech balloons,'” Schmitt reports. “A participant of last week’s manager conference characterized it suchly: ‘This is the world our developers live in: 1.) Volkswagen generates exclusive ecosystems. 2.) Volkswagen is the gatekeeper to these ecosystems. 3.) We have many millions of customers around the world, and they will line up to become part of these ecosystems. 4.) The ecosystems are self-learning. 5.) We will control both the hardware, and the data. We will starve and eventually take over Apple.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Oktoberfest has begun very early in Wolfsburg this year. Prost!!!

(Or, Müller’s brain has been damaged from sucking the actual exhaust fumes spewing out of VW’s millions of faked-emissions vehicles.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom R.” for the heads up.]


    1. Everyone’s in it for the long term. That doesn’t guarantee anyone’s survival.

      Tesla has a lot to prove yet, especially concerning the technological maturity and long term robust design of electric vehicles. But they, and apparently Apple, have a lot of very smart people working on the technical end as well as on the business case for EV.

      Don’t get me wrong. I just bought a 2016 Passat for my wife. But I think VW is deluded if they think their in any position to handle the coming sea change in automotive design. They will have to bring in outside talent and (the more difficult part) they will have to listen to them. Overconfidence built on decades of success could be their undoing.

  1. Well now that VW is going to soar to greater and greater heights despite the stock tanking and the billions in liabilities do you think you could buy back my “bullshit clean” diesel .

  2. In 8 months they have not come up with a fix for my polluting “clean diesel” jetta. Please do that VW before taking on Apple.

    Also, let’s see what VW is able to do when they get the bill for the billions of $ in penalties from various governments.

      1. A small lecture for your erudition pleasure:

        This is how it works on WordPress: You provide a simple URL to an image you’d like to see appear on a page, then hit ‘Post Comment’. The chosen image at that URL appears on the chosen page. It’s what’s called a ‘link‘. This allows anyone to visit the exact source of the image. Nothing is stolen. The image itself remains at its source. Anyone interested in the image can access exactly where it is located. Get it?

        Go ahead! Click on the balloon image above and see what happens. The image is NOT at MacDailyNews. It’s at blogspot, the source location where I found it.

        I hope you have overcome your ignorance, will understand such image link posting in the future and will join in the image link sharing fun.

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