Tim Cook rules out Apple MVNO, saying company lacks the required expertise

“As part of an interview at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam today, Tim Cook has ruled out the possibility of Apple becoming a mobile carrier or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator),” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

Our expertise doesn’t extend to the network. We’ve worked with AT&T in the US, O2 in the UK, as well as T-Mobile and Orange, and we expanded as we learned more. But generally, the things Apple likes to do, are things we can do globally.

We don’t have the network skill. We’ll do some things along the way with e-SIMs along the way, but in general, I like the things carriers do. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: Keep your enemies close until you lop off their heads.

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    1. The machine grinds out another one. Tick…

      I no longer see any point in bothering to even read your points. You’re just a little turd who likes to abuse others because you hate yourself. You post your hate and nonsense anonymously because you’d be embarrassed if anyone could actually look you in the eye and point out that you’re just a little turd who likes to abuse others because you hate yourself.


    1. Apple is a multinational company. The likelihood of various governments allowing Apple to move into communications networks is zero. Apple knows better.

      1. Are you saying there are no places in the world where Apple could start and improve its expertise?

        Apple didn’t roll out the iPhone worldwide. It started in the region with the most promise, then expanded from there. And as it learned, it improved the product. What is odd is that Cook seems not interested in learning, and he really hasn’t kept up pace in product improvements either. Most people feel Apple usability and software quality is going the other direction.

        An innovative company would put its cash to work with MVNO and other new technologies. Cook seems content being slow and methodical, and buying companies that are ahead. How Microsoftian!!!

  1. In my opinion the world is ripe for the incompetent governments to be taken over. Apple does that first, then government regulations are not so problematic 😉

  2. Yeah, Apple as a government might start out good, under Tim Cook, but then, when Cook dies… What then? Who will lead then? And what about in a hundred years? Will Apple be so nice then? Yeah. Stop and think, kids.

  3. I don’t think that he has necassarily ruled it out. He has simply said that Apple doesn’t have the appropriate skills. The key issue is whether the word ‘yet’ should have been at the end of that sentence.

    If Apple were considering going in that direction, they wouldn’t want to flag it up in advance. Steve Jobs has used misdirection of that type in the past.

    Of course it’s also possible that Apple simply isn’t planning on doing it at all.

    Personally I would like Apple to become a MVNO, so long as they are able to do it internationally from the outset. It would be excellent for Apple to offer a global network that really was optimised for use with iPhones, but the real advantages would come when people travel internationally.

  4. If you want to get into Telecom, you might pause and consider taking all the money you have and can get your hands on and dumping it in the street. THe only way any networks have developed here is by buying assets from bankrupt previous networks. 2-4 generations of 10 cent on the dollar assets and you can afford to operate – for a while. Telecom has little to do with commerce and everything to do with working around regulations, politics, and aquisitions.

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