Apple preps Amazon Echo rival, opening up Siri

The Information is reporting that Apple is working on “an Amazon Echo-like device with a speaker and microphone that people can use to turn on music, get news headlines or set a timer.”

Siri will power the Echo-like assistant, will be opened up to third-party developers through an SDK to be unveiled at Apple’s WWDC conference (runs from June 13-17).

“Opening up its Siri voice assistant to outside app developers is the more immediate step,” Amir Efrati reports. “Apple is preparing to release a software developer kit, or SDK, for app developers who want their apps to be accessible through Siri, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort.”

Read more in the full article (paywall) here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote in March:

Something along the lines of Amazon Echo is what Apple should have done if run by competent, forward-thinking management. When Apple finally does do their version of Amazon Echo (and they will get around to doing such a product eventually) they will rightly be called a follower. The company had all of the ingredients to make their own Echo, before Amazon, except for the vision, it seems.

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  1. Back in the day, Jobs would be the one who lead Apple with new and innovative products. With Cook, the best he can do is to see who the competition is doing, buy their product, take it apart and figure how they did it so they can copy it.

    Steve is rolling in his grave.

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