iPhone 7 Plus may offer up to 256GB storage

“Back in the day, the 64GB iPhone used to be the biggest option around, and it made sense because files used to be smaller back then, like apps would use lower-res textures, and videos were also kept at 720p,” Tyler Lee reports for Ubergizmo.

“However these days some apps weigh several gigabytes, and pictures and videos also eat up more storage, which is why Apple bumped it to 128GB with the iPhone 6, but could they be thinking of introducing a 256GB model?” Lee reports. “ccording to recently leaked components, it shows some SanDisk NAND chips that are allegedly for the iPhone 7 Plus, and it looks like 256GB is one of the options.”

Lee writes, “The iPhone 7 Plus rumors [suggest] that Apple will differentiate the models with a dual camera lens setup, and now it looks like 256GB storage options will be one of the differentiating factors as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last week about the iPhone 7 Plus:

Apple’s 5.5-inch (or larger) flagship iPhone is about to get even flagshippier!

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    1. Anything is possible, but my feeling is: No, absolutely not.

      Apple configures memory to encourage upgrading to 64GB from 16GB. Only 35% of those upgrading to 64GB need more than 32GB. Upgrading entry level memory to 32GB would amount to a price reduction for 65% of 64GB buyers.

      Those that require more than 128GB need to get a life.

      1. Economies of scale for Apple and the fact I’m pretty sure 32Gb costs no more than 16Gb did would mean no increased charges for certain sizes. 256Gb would entail a price increase most likely. So a definite YES absolutely! for those of us who need the flash storage more than saving a few extra greenbacks. I’ve never regretted buying the most RAM or storage I could get in an iPhone. (Or Mac, or iPad.)

      2. “Those that require more than 128GB need to get a life.”

        Really? Just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean others don’t. Very poor form, gregg.

        I would very much like to take much more of my lossless music collection with me on the road. My old iPod won’t last forever.

  1. which is the same as the base storage of the Mac Pro.

    which is supposed to be the ultimate power house workstation for high end pros. Apple’s Tagline for the M. Pro is “Creativity on an Epic Scale” (EPIC !).

    I’m one of the people complaining that Apple hasn’t kept up with updating the Pro, three years now, with HP workstations today 6 times faster in some rendering tests.

    Perviously I had joked that 256 GB was a ‘giant iPod’ and not a pro workstation, I guess it’s coming into reality now (as iPhone is a full a iPod replacement) …
    (yes you can order a larger drive, $800 for maximum 1 TB which is also small but 256 GB base is a joke).

    anybody still want to tell me that Pro isn’t long in the tooth?

    ( no, I’m not a troll, typing this on an older Mac pro with upgraded components , like others I want to spend money on a upgradable Mac tower, ) .

    1. I feel your pain Dave. I have two older Mac Pro’s and one of them recently gave up the ghost and isn’t worth fixing so I’m hoping upon hope Apple doesn’t disappoint at WWDC. Or I may well invest in a PC workstation (YECH!, I know). The pro in me is platform agnostic, but the consumer Apple fan would love everything to still be an Apple solution. To keep ignoring the pleas of the pro market is folly.

    2. 256GB in an iPhone would be super. Expensive, but I can see how some people need that now that Apple has killed the iPod Classic.

      As for the Mac — Solid State drives have been available for a long time now. With Apple’s purchasing power, they should also be affordable too. But Apple seems not to care about affordability anymore.

      OWC offers a 2 TB SATA SSD for any 2.5″ drive enclosure for $578.75. But wait — you can’t fit a standard 2.5″ drive in just any Mac like you used to. Thanks to Apple’s infinite wisdom, a 1TB SSD drive kit to install into the trashcan pro costs $895.00. The 2 TB kit is a cool $1397.99.

      The Apple Tax is as bad if not worse than ever for Mac users, and it’s being driven by Apple’s anti-user choices in design and pricing. And with the stagnation in OSX performance and usability, combined with continued lag in software availability native for the Mac, the value of the Mac is in rapid decline compared to the competition.

      Many of the drives Apple offers in its Macs are antiquated, overpriced, or kludged messes. Just one more of many reasons why formerly happy Apple users are getting extremely impatient with the former tech leader in personal computing.

      1) 5000 rpm disc drives in this day is absurd
      2) proprietary internal connectors and/or sealed cases that deny the user the ability to replace a hard drive or upgrade after the sale is greedy anti-user behavior.
      3) Fusion drives are not as reliable as either legacy drives or SDDs. It is the worst of both worlds. Apple could, and should, offer other dual-drive configurations.
      4) With Apple’s purchasing power, it could offer a nice array of drive options. A significant number of users still work offline and require high performance or high volume data storage. Apple doesn’t even try to offer the state-of-the-art in either conventional or SDD disk drives. It overcharges users for middling performance in a thin gray aluminum box. Sorry, but thin gray boxes don’t make me more competitive in my work.
      5) In desktop machines, many users desire 4+ internal 3.5″ standard swappable disc drives but have been eliminated across the board by Apple’s fashion-first designers. Now if you need a real workstation you have to go elsewhere or create it yourself at great expense and a desktop full of wires.

      Apple seriously needs to rethink its direction. Cook may think the 2015 MacBook plus iCloud subscription is the future, but he is dead wrong.

      1. +++
        for most of your points.

        some people are very happy with their current Mac lineup, e.g people who do light work and Facebook, Twitter might find the new Macbook ideal but true high end pros (many like you) are hurting.

        a six year old Mac Pro with upgraded video is 5 TIMES faster than a current Macbook Pro, and 3 TIMES a current cylinder Mac Pro in GPU tasks which is absurd.


        I’ve criticized before that Apple senior management has spend a lot of time at fashion shows, charity events (they’ve got Ive custom designing furniture etc for AIDs charities ), social initiatives etc, all perhaps laudable things BUT for the fact that the Mac line is hurting (btw where the Mac ADVERTISEMENTS?, Macs made more money than iPads last quarter yet no ads) and I do NOT read about Apple SVPs etc visiting MacUser Groups or Mac equipped businesses like labs, Graphics Studios, etc to get the pulse of their customers.

        High End Pros were the ones who kept Apple alive during the dark days before iPod, when most other users jumped to cheaper Win PCs, they deserve better.

        1. Agree 100% with MacUser.

          Mac OS innovation has all but ground to a halt. It’s to the point where they consider adding left swipe to delete in Mail to be a feature actually worth mentioning in a keynote address. O_o

          Once the leader and innovator Apple is now an imitator and follower.
          I, like many other disappointed pros, have stopped being unpaid Apple salesmen and stopped looking at only Apple for our workstation needs.

  2. All though I bought the 128GB when it came out, I still find I can manage 64GB quite nicely.

    If this is the case many be 64GB will be entry and I can relax a little bit.

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