Google’s Chromebooks outsold Apple’s Macs in the U.S. for the first time

“Laptops running Google’s Chrome operating system reached a milestone last quarter: For the first time ever, computer makers shipped more Chromebooks than all Apple desktops and laptops combined, according to IDC,” Hope King reports for CNNMoney.

“The popularity of Chromebooks is driven strongly by demand from K-12 schools. Chromebooks start at about $85, and they’re designed to run web-based applications,” King reports. “‘Cost is but one reason they are winning there,’ analyst Linn Huang told CNNMoney. ‘Google has also done a fantastic job building out a compelling management console that makes these devices easy to deploy and manage in a school setting. I’d argue, that has been the biggest driver of their growth as opposed to the low price.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Argue all you want, but if you worked at the average U.S. public school, sticker price is basically the ONLY reason.

“Chromebooks made up more than half of portable device shipments to U.S. schools last year, a growth of 12 percentage points over 2014,” King reports. “That rise has pushed Windows’ share down from 25% to 22% and Apple’s share of Mac shipments down from 34% to 25%, according to a recent report from Futuresource Consulting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The cream-of-the-crop schools, like the cream-of-the-crop consumers and corporations, deploy Apple Macs and iPads, not cheapo plastic Chromebooks.

Unfortunately, too many U.S. public schools, unionized in the worst possible way, are broken through and through.

As we wrote back in January: There is no easy answer for a company dedicated to quality to compete in a market that’s hellbent on shortsightedly wasting taxpayers’ money on cheap, shitty junk.

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  1. My kid’s school uses chrome books. Every child is issued one at the start of school. 1600 kids at the school. Currently there are over 500 that are in boxes at the IT center as they stopped working or broke. One year…

    1. These are kids we’re talking about. Depending on how the chromebooks were broke (e.g. dropped by student, soaked somehow, etc.) it was probably cheaper than an iPad meeting the same fate. And if accident insurance is involved (taking into Matthew’s post above) those chromebooks will probably be easily replaced vs. having to pay full price for a replacement iPad.

  2. A Chromebook is to a Macbook as a bicycle is to a motorcycle. Yes, they both have wheels and will take you from point A to point B, but there is a massive difference in capability and experience. It’s not even worth comparing.

    Thinclients have outsold PCs in environments where they make sense for decades. There’s nothing new here.

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