Apple is making iPhone 7 the next killer device

“Apple is adding some really cool features to the iPhone 7 that will support demand, including dual-lens camera for all iPhone 7 plus models,” Alpha Max writes for Seeking Alpha. “In addition, third-party VR (virtual reality) support for the device will also boost demand from outside.”

“According to a new report, Apple will release three iPhone 7 models, which are iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 plus premium,” Alpha Max writes. “The iPhone 7 plus premium model, also called iPhone 7 pro, will feature a dual-lens camera. Last year Apple acquired LinX Imaging, an Israeli camera company, which is developing new camera technologies for iOS devices. Apple will certainly incorporate the technologies, at least a few of them, to the latest iPhone.”

“I believe the advanced camera of iPhone 7 will be a groundbreaking feature. The camera’s depth mapping feature will not only help photographers take aesthetic photos, it will also allow tech-savvy users to create VR content, aside from watching VR content via an HMD (head-mounted display),” Alpha Max writes. “By enabling users to create their own VR content, Apple will redefine photography and videography for the general people without any technical background. This will boost new demand for iPhone 7, in addition to replacement demand.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yes, you’re going to want the next-gen iPhone – perhaps more than you’ve ever wanted an iPhone (outside of the original, whose run-up of anticipation was utterly unparalleled).

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  1. As long as they don’t put all of the new features into a pro version that costs $200 extra and leave the iPhone 7 with only minor design and spec updates.

  2. Actually the rumors are that it isn’t that different from the 6S. In appearance or otherwise. Hence Carl Icahn sold his stock, Apple stock is tanking, and the iPhone is seeing year over year decline in sales.

    1. Carl Icahn is a fool, and it’s good for Apple that he sold his shares. Monkey off their back.

      Appearance of iPhone doesn’t impact the internals. And how many ways can you really design a device that is a small flat screen?

    2. “Actually the rumors are..” – obviously your pessimistic insights or sources aren’t any more valid or certain than whether of not Apple will make a killer iPhone 7. Also you (& Carl Icahn) do not take into account lulls that do eventually occur after a particularly strong period of satiating demand. I’m one of those having sat it out and waiting to jump back in for an iPhone 7. I suspect I’m not alone in significant numbers.

      1. Rumors absolutely do affect sales. Just look at trondude’s comment. Consumers will put off replacement or accelerate replacement of their current hardware based on rumors of what is to come. That is why rumor mongers, including MDN, are in business.

      1. Yes. Isn’t it amazing how fandroids seem to rip Apple on a little bit of copying but totally ignore the fact that Android is the biggest ripoff of all.

        Since they troll here every day, they couldn’t have missed MDN’s frequent posts where Android is shown as a Blackberry ripoff yet 1 year after the introduction of the
        iPhone, Android is now a ripoff of iOS.

        And the cowards just ignore posts like these because even in their warped and twisted worldview, there’s no reply to this.

        1. It must be a terrible existence for these Fandroid losers knowing how wrong, clueless and troll aping they are. They protest their own brand of disingenuous fiction on deaf ears, while conveniently and vehemently ignoring all facts to the contrary.

          1. You must be really mad that the mighty Google has virtually written IOS off in terms of mass user base. Almost 2 billion users using the worlds most popular and REAl most advanced operating system. No boring bland icon rows here. Hahaha

            1. You must really be mad that Google Android was hobbled together and still is largely bandaged together mobile OS. You must REALLY be mad Google makes more money off iOS than Android and is not likely to shirk their iOS attentions much to your apparent doofus ignorance. Android is the most unreal mobile OS imaginable. A joke of monstrous bad security, poor fragmentation and horrendously bad updating proportions. And LASTLY you must hate iOS is hugely profitable whereas Android is simply not. But then what do you care being a cheap bastard who would sink a frog crossing the river even though it would kill you too because it’s in your nature?

              You must also hate sounding like a total misguided loser 24/7 with a tenuous grasp of realities.

        2. It is people like you that are the cowards and having a warped and twisted world view describes the more avid Apple fans to a T. IPhones have borrowed as many ideas from others as anyone else. IOS in recent years has been a running story of what Apple will copy from Android and others next! The reply I would give is if Android and Android phones are copying from Apple why are the best phones out today all Android and are getting better, while iPhones seem stuck in generations gone by.

          1. Every time I ask of these miraculous competitive improvements of Android over iOS the answers I get don’t amount to hill off beans and overlook the big picture. Android is a hobbled together POS that is more likely to kill you in the end. And of course Google is your Lord & Master watching your every move and data-mining the hell out of you. Bend over Bunkie, Eric Schmidt’s got a little surprise for you. But then, you’re well used to it by now…

            1. You can keep your head in the sand as long as you want, but it wll not make your comments true. Android improvements in recent years has made it a better OS and even Apple must agree as they keep copying the features or at least trying to. Android phones have overtaken iPhones by some way, same with the OS. Apples security is now as bad as if not worse than Androids in properly used phones, its software releases have become mediocre to bad and updates pure Russian roullete.

              Android and Android phones are not perfect, but they have overtaken iPhones and if the IP7 is anything like what the rumours are saying will fall even further behind by the end of the year.

            2. What do you base Apple security delusions on besides fantasy? You’re clueless. You simply state it’s bad with no proof. Typical of dummies without a true argument.

              Android has had a larger market share for some time, that’s nothing new so why do you make a point of it? There’s no way even Apple could satiate the world’s demand for phones. They can hardly keep up the the huge demand that already exists for iPhones. And they make more profit than Microsoft, Google and Facebook together.

              A POS system like Android has so many pitfalls, horrible updating and low profits for it’s makers. Android is truly like playing Russian Roulette. It’s no panacea by a long shot (especially compared to Apple and Apple’s ecosystem) and nothing to be proud of except for true geektard morons who are not the average consumer.

              Name those Android improvements that have made a real paradigm busting difference? I thought so. NEXT!

            3. Next what as i said just because you spout it does not mean its true. IOS was rated as the phone OS with the most vulnerabilties (well knownand documentednkt myopinion. Android is not perfect but use it wisely and it is as secure as can be in this age.

              Profits even sales numbers does not mean anything regarding how good a phone or OS is. By repeating it over and over only reinforces there is little else that you can use to justify any real reason an iPhone is superior.

              Apples ecosystem is no better than Androids, worse in many ways. Android has more apps, better choice and better organised store. iCloud the centre of Apples ecosystem is weak as are Apples native apps. Not to forget the biggest weakness, lack of choice of hardware and peripherals that works it.

              iFans like you have lost all credibility over the last few years, so many times, just as you are doing now. Throwing insults and making bold unsubstantiated claims only to see history prove you wrong is stuoid … Large screened phone for instance. If Android phones were so bad why are they topping all the best smartphone leagues? When Apple can make a phone that has a modern design, is light and compact for its screen size and packs full flagship specs, come back argue why the iPhone is better, until then you have no case, despite your ramblings.

            4. Your life must be tough having to worry about issuing statements where you have to justify how much you’ve compromised yourself and your poor choices. Even if it means completely false statements that suit your argument with nary a whit of evidence or reality. Also I find it amusing you call other’s “iFan” in an intentionally derogatory manner (like idiots do) when you yourself are as about as rabid as they come, and out grossly of touch. While no company is perfect Apple is a HELL of a lot more superior to Android in every way. It’s too bad you can’t stand back and see it, that makes you just as much a blind fan as you accuse others of being. Android phones are good enough for some people willing to compromise to save money usually. Geeks are another class who equate the freedom of owning a PC to Android as equivalent. A fool’s bargain of course and disingenuous to the max. Notice how often and how much Fandroid have to desperately justify their choices? Android phones copy Apple design moves so it’s you lose all credibility when you say “when Apple can make a phone with modern design…” How lost and confused are you?

  3. Android phone is more innovative.

    I bought mine after I saw a commercial with Little Wayne pouring champagne all over his Sramsung in a gas station. That ad appeals to millennials like me.

    I also like confusing software. It’s like a little puzzle! I used to do Sroduku puzzles, but that was too expensive, so I bought a Galaxy S. Doing basic things is complicated so it’s like a little workout for your brain.

  4. My 6S plus is now an excellent paper weight at the office. My brand new S7 edge creams all over it in performance and style and loving all the ripp off features from piss weak Apple on my S7 edge. Ohh bet i fucked off a few wanky Apple fanboys on here with those comments. Fucking faggits who love to fuck and suck each other off. Fucking queers they are. Hahaha

    1. Hey dude dont knock us MDN gayboys ok! Yeah so what if we just love to look at each others small cocks and touch them. Im a gay homo just like my idol Tim Cook who loves to fuck guys. Nothing wrong with being a gay monkey yank barstard in the U.S

    1. This is why the hype over 3d TV never panned out. People don’t even want to watch TV with glasses on, forget about a whole headset. VR will actually be extremely useful for some things, but I don’t see where the mass-market need for it would come from.

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