Apple quickly retakes ‘Most Valuable Company’ crown

Well, that didn’t take very long at all, did it?

Hours after Google parent Alphabet’s market cap briefly topped Apple to become the world’s most valuable public company, Apple retook the crown before market close.

With Alphabet closing down $1.98 (-0.28%) at $713.31 and Apple down $2.17 (-2.35%) to $90.34, Apple’s market capitalization hit $494.83 billion versus $489.73 billion for the search giant as of market close.

The last time Google had a larger market cap than Apple was on February 2, 2016.

MacDailyNews Take: Neck and neck, in market cap, at least. Not much else (see below).

Also of interest: “Alphabet set to reign over Apple for good” by
Tae Kim for CNBC.


Apple vs. Alphabet revenue (2008-2015) (in billion U.S. dollars)
Revenue comparison of Apple and Google from 2008 to 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Apple vs. Alphabet net income (2008-2015)

Apple vs. Alphabet net income (2008-2015)
Source: Wolfram Alpha

Apple again the world’s most valuable company – February 3, 2016
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  1. All these momentery up and downs are meaningless.

    My main concern is iphone 7… Or other product releases… Apple needs to impress .. Impress this year !

  2. Here is great idea how Apple needs to impress, impress.

    As Nikkei declares iPhone 7 is dead before arrival.
    Let bring some magics back to the iPhone to impress consumers.

    As consumers demand more on iPhone 7, if Apple wants iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flying off the shelves. Consumers demand iPhones work like a magic wands. the iPhone 7 not only can read our minds & face expressions, but also can print out money, gourmet-foods, flying-cars and find love.

    When iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users walk passed their soul-mates or loved ones, their iPhone 7 vibrates like a heartbeats and speaks up, “this person is the love of your life or Je t’aime, l’amour tous jours”. Voila 🙂
    Oh, did I say flying-cars?. Yes, a flying-cars, not selfless drivers cars.

    It sounds crazy, but if Apple could do its wonders, then the market caps would be $2 trillions in no times.

  3. Given that a major portion of googles revenue is from iOS search results, it would seem that any decline in iPhone sales would also hurt Google. Googles stock should track along with any iPhone news.

    1. Oh, please! Alphabet can easily beat out Apple as long as Wall Street gives it ever higher multiples. Most of the stocks that Wall prefers have P/Es far higher than Apple’s. It has nothing to do with revenue or profits. If Wall Street picks a darling stock, then the multiple rapidly expands. Apple is on Wall Street’s crap list and I expect for Apple’s P/E to be dropping in the high 9s any day now. Just don’t expect big investors to start buying the stock no matter how low the P/E drops.

      I’m sure Amazon will soon pass Apple because investors truly believe Jeff Bezos is a god who can do no wrong. They’re already claiming Amazon will be a trillion dollar business in a few years and Apple will continue to fall even lower thanks to Tim Cook’s inability to put value into Apple. He’ll continue to drive investors away from Apple.

      1. If AAPL and its peers were only affected by news concerning smartphones, tablets, computers I’m sure AAPL would be doing much better.. I read news in many other areas and if there is one thing I can say, Apple is nary a ghost in almost every area outside of what affects their products. FB, GOOG, MSFT all periodically have news about their efforts in creating infrastructure for sale and use by the larger public (e.g. Google’s Fiber and Project Loon, Microsoft’s 100x expansion of dataservers and experimenting with underwater versions for OneDrive, Facebook’s Terragraph and ARIES terrestrial wireless systems to connect the entire world to the Internet.).. Amazon has news about constant improvements in the Cloud services and in logistics magazines about their buildup of shipping/freight infrastructure to complement USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. All solid moves in the ‘real’ world that add material ‘capital’ to the respective companies.. In contrast, news about Apple these days seem to be more about fashion, rights and their iOS products and services or how they might disrupt the Auto and wrist wearable industries.

    1. Based on’s numbers Market Cap for AAPL dropped about $12B while GOOG dropped $1.5B from the previous day.. Google’s momentary place during the trading day was basically due to Apple dropping so far today. As of closing AAPL leads GOOG by about $400M.

  4. I agree with Y007, these momentary ups downs, biggest corp. are essentially meaningless. More important ant is iP7 and other stuff (below):

    My 2 cents:

    1) Cook isn’t the total moron the ‘fire T.C today’ crowd claims but we must admit there are serious problems with Apple today.

    (Flamers, some of you DON’T have apple stock or are happy with your own particular use of certain Apple products, fine — like if you basically do Facebook Twitter the new Macbook is a device sent from heaven. go on and skip the rest of the post. I always get into arguments with people who do NOT look BEYOND their own narrow uses… ).

    2) apple needs to FOCUS and get a more coherent strategy of what it is.

    too many bugs (not repaired quickly enough or even acknowledged by PR), too many flubbed launches (no remote app with Apple TV, Apple Watch launched with viewing but no stock and no PR explanation, Apple Music that initially erased customers music, no user guide until months later, no pencil with iPad Pro launch etc etc)

    We must admit launch standard have gone down considerably since Jobs time. EVERY launch of new product has had problems — severe ones. Many things which should have been EASY to SOLVE, like an easier to use Apple Music interface, user guides at launch etc.

    3) complete lack of focus on certain aspects of the Mac line.

    a) The HIGH END pro mac line is a disaster.
    HP workstations in tests are 6 times faster rendering video than the cylinder Mac Pro. A 6 year previous generation Mac Pro with UP GRADED video card is 2-3 times faster than a CURRENT cylinder and 5 times faster than the current Macbook Pro. (This is absurd as Apple designers are obsessing over leather Apple Watch bands… )

    (Not one Mac today can have it’s video upgraded !! for some pros this is crazy !!)

    People who are keep telling me ‘make do, Apple knows best’ should shut the fuck up — 6 TIMES power difference is a not something pros who are trying to compete can ‘make up’

    b) Apple is also not reinstating a ‘Classic’ expandable Tower or building a cheaper mid tower which some users have been Begging (the stock has gone from 130 to 90 but Apple doesn’t want cash? , just like Big Phones not everything apple IGNORES is right… . )

    c) NO MAC MARKETING/ Macs MADE MORE MONEY (revenue) than iPADS last quarter in spite off NO MAC MARKETING.
    this practically no mac marketing even through the Windows 8 fiasco years is bizarre (NO EVEN CHEAP WEB ADS. I see DELL ads when I read MDN). Macs make more money but iPADS get dozens of ads !
    (steve jobs had one new Mac ad EVERY MONTH with Mac Pc guy, 66 ads over 4 years which ended in 2009 COMPARED TO ZERO today. )

    . this ‘ignore the Mac’ while Windows struggling with Win 8 will be a case study in business school of giant mistakes of business. It allowed Msft to mostly maintain share and move 300 million copies of Win 10.
    Macs with only 10% marketshare has great room to grow.
    (NOTE flamers, supporting Mac is not an EITHER OR proposition, Apple has enough resources, Macs make money, for Apple to BOTH support Mac and do other stuff).

    Mac CARELESSNESS extends to product confusion: the Macbook Air is supposed to be the LIGHTER version YET it has MORE PORTS!.
    Steve Jobs hated product confusion..

    3) General Problems with Marketing
    Apple big box retailers have problems and there seems lack of Apple marketing to help or train them.
    Went to my local Walmart some time back, sales guy standing next to thunderbolt equipped Macs didn’t know what thunderbolt was, didn’t carry the cables…. sold iPhones by gluing a BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOCOPY OF AN IPHONE on the counter, they had sold the display model….

    Apple Marketing should be checking on these things.

    Apple’s own Stores are also having issues. As others have pointed out they seem more interested in selling third party devices like drones while having no thunderbolt docks etc. Ahrendts lasts Christmas kept talking to the press about expensive THIRD PARTY products like speakers available for Christmas but NOT ONE WORD ABOUT MAC.

    this leads to the question of Cooks LACK OF CONTROL OVER HIS IMMEDIATE SENIOR MANAGERS: does Ahrendts EVEN KNOW WHAT Jobs VISION OF APPLE STORES WERE ABOUT? they are not places to SHOWCASE THIRD PARTY stuff over core Apple products or the understanding of apple products.

    too much to write : like me point you to this Apple User’s experience: “Four Hours of Hell in Apple Store”

    4) I more to write but it’s too long already.

    I think my concerns above like fixing the mac line are more or at least just AS important as new Apple projects like the rumoured apple foray in original programming ” a Sex Filled dark comedy romp or Dr Dre’s life” …

    NOTE TIM COOK JOINED the Kennedy foundation not too long ago when he ALREADY knew the lacklustre quarter results. The Kennedy foundation is great but DO PEOPLE THINK WITH ALL THE ISSUES I’VE DISCUSSED and the stock falling from 130 with a P.E one third of Google’s T.C has time? Tim Cooks lack of urgency and control I think is one prime reason of aapl’s stock fall and lack of big investor confidence.

    1. I agree with many of your intelligent assessments (especially in regard to high end Macs). The difference between you and others who are Apple critical is you use cogent, coherent and smart arguments. Not the monosyllabic accusatory-without-substantive-argument language of a 3 year old, aka troll. So you’ll get no “flaming” from me. I appreciate your perspective. Thanks.

      I do hope there are Apple folks who read this stuff and pass it on, that they get they are not Impunity Island and at times need an outside perspective in the company and it’s faults & failings in order to make corrections.

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