1. I actually think Augmented Reality has more impact and uses that VR. Give me a heads up view on my phone of a device/product or a map and enrich it with additional data.

    1. People readily adjust to the HUD in simulators and videogames, in the same way they adjust to instrument panels in vehicles. I sense them converging in a Car, with data feeds displayed in the windscreen. No goggles, glasses, or headsets.

      1. Yes.

        This may then allow CarPlay to fulfill its originally stated goal of “Hands Free AND Eyes Free” meaning you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel/shifter AND you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. CarPlay just is NOT there yet, not even close. Maybe someday.

  2. While not as exciting as some new technologies I believe that there is a huge potential for Apple in health care.

    There are already comments made about Apple moving to providing blood sugar, blood oxygen and blood pressure readings with the Apple Watch. Add in Health Kit and Research Kit and a bit of imagination and you can see an explosive growth for Apple in a growing market.

    Looking at Apple’s future will often mean looking at additional potential uses for existing products. Research Kit is, in itself, explosive in potential.

  3. 2016 is going to be a catastrophic mess of VR and AR. I expect 2017 will be the GEE WHIZ! year when the wheat is separated from the chaff, the prices approach sanity and the vast amount of VR/AR crap is consigned to the garbage can of history.

    It’s going to be a virtually bumpy ride.

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