Nope, Apple is not doomed; why you shouldn’t give up on the stock

“To be sure, there was little to be enthusiastic about after Apple’s latest earnings release and conference call,” Michael Yoshikami writes for CNBC. “Importantly, Apple’s biggest growth market, China, was a surprising disappointment, which further underscored the reality that China’s economy is struggling. Like many multinational companies, Apple’s growth trajectory is significantly impacted by the state of Chinese consumption; Apple is not immune to macro conditions impacting the Chinese consumer.”

“So where is the real hope in Apple’s earnings call? This quarter’s earnings provide no silver lining and one instead must look past this quarter’s earnings (and probably next quarter’s results) to continue to be positive about Apple’s prospects,” Yoshikami writes. “Here are four reasons why it isn’t time to give up on Apple stock.”

1. New lower-priced phones
2. Research and development
3. A healthy product mix
4. Apple is still massively profitable, pays a dividend, has huge cash reserves, and built-in consumers for future upgrades

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup, yup, yup, and yup.

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  1. From a stock standpoint – likely doomed, wasn’t overly excited about losing a lot of money last year, have a feeling this year will be much the same – what are everyones thoughts – does iPhone 7 move the needle ??

    1. who can tell about a product for which we only know partial rumors and that won’t be released for another FIVE months!!! BUY at these LOW LOW prices and hold for at least a year. 2.0% dividend also. Apple isn’t going anywhere Based on past experiences the whole number iPhone always sells better than the “S” model but then again the “S” model usually does better than non-“S” model from the year previously. BUY

  2. With all the doom and gloom reporting on Apple’s quarter you would think the company is about to go belly up. There was little mention of one minor detail, the company made more than $10 BILLION PROFIT during the quarter. That’s more money than all the FANG stocks combined made for the quarter and 5 times as much profit as Amazon has made in its entire history. Don’t cry too many tears for Apple.

    1. Apple is an amazing company of products and financial metrics unlike the FANG stocks, however the stock seems to go nowhere unlike the FANG stocks which do, and from an investment standpoint is practically dead money – will ride the stock up to the iPhone 7 announcement and likely dump – need more consistent growth and way less constant scrutiny

  3. I just read an article in the New York Times that said the iPhone, once a big status symbol in China among those who upgrade their phones every year, has fallen out of favor with status-seekers. I say good riddance to that kind of customer. Apple has helped create a monster that must constantly be fed. The craving among consumers for next year’s model of practically everything has destroyed our ability to appreciate and enjoy anything just as it is. The same day that the iPhone SE came out, articles about the next Phone started appearing. It’s a national insanity at the very least—perhaps a global insanity; and investors who have profited so hansomely from this rampant outbreak of profligate spending need to look at what is really happening here and stop encouraging it to continue by punishing Apple when they fail to achieve record-breaking sales quarter after quarter after quarter.

  4. I told you fanbois when I sold at 700 pre solit that you’re all losers abd thY Apple is done, but you idiots are still in love with a dead man’s stock (that’s SJ for you hopless blind morons )

    I onky come here to taunt you and Apple’s in short selling mode because options is my game and I love to see you suffer. Hahaha

  5. I told you fanbois when I sold at 700 pre split that you’re all losers and that Apple is done, but you idiots are still in love with a dead man’s stock (that’s SJ for you hopless blind morons )

    I only come here to taunt you and when Apple’s in short selling mode because options is my game and I love to see you suffer.

    By the way, Apple’s going to 50, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. The GM I knew was arrogant and judgmental and unforgiving. But he didn’t use sophomoric insults and didn’t have grammatical breakdowns. He didn’t correct himself. Most tellingly, he showed up with advice before important stuff happened, not crowing like a troll afterward. And he wasn’t sadistic. You’re a hijack artist.

    2. You better sell all your shares of any kind, if you have any. Because if Apple stumbles in this domain… the rest will just follow (just like Samsung and the others are followers with the other stuff). Apple is not doomed for its own. The whole worldwide shareholders club is doomed.

  6. Everyone who is long in Apple inc. is actually quite chilled, following the earnings conference call; why, you may ask?

    Apple inc. is now growling and growing real “FANGS”, not the pretend Fangs that Wallstreet dotes over!

    How?: the iPhone SE is the first salvo to signifcantly widen the iPhone appeal and thereby begin the momentum of creating a real services monster that will deliver annuity revenue the likes of which the pretend Fangs can only dream of, from Apple Music (currently adding 1 million subscriptions per month), Apple Pay, Various App Stores etc..

    The gauntlet has been thrown, let battle commence!!

  7. It’s not just Apple involved here, it’s all the “growth philosophy” that’s stumbling. Nothing can keep on growing forever. What goes up, must come down. We’d better remind it.

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