FBI’s Comey says agency paid more than $1 million to access San Bernadino iPhone

“FBI Director James Comey hinted at an event in London on Thursday that the FBI paid more than $1 million to break into the locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers,” The Associated Press reports.

“Comey was asked during a question-and-answer session at an Aspen Security Forum event how much the FBI paid for the method from an unidentified third-party to access the phone,” AP reports.

“He did not give a precise number but said it was ‘more than I will make in the remainder of this job, which is seven years and four months, for sure,'” AP reports. “He added that he thought the payment was ‘worth it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It was “worth it” to find nothing of significance, according to the FBI’s idiot in chief, James Comey. In other words, a typical U.S. federal government return on your hard-earned tax dollars. Down the endless shitter they go!

As we wrote last week: Why would the terrorists go to the trouble of smashing their personal phones to bits, but leave their government-issued iPhone just fine and dandy? Because they wanted a tech company to have to fight for privacy rights against U.S. government halfwits like James Comey? Or because there was nothing of importance on it?

U.S. Citizens: Never forget that you funded the FBI’s purchase of this iPhone backdoor and the iPhone’s contents. DEMAND TO SEE WHAT YOU PAID FOR.

Hey, FBI: We want to see those pix of cafeteria trays that we paid for! — MacDailyNews, March 29, 2016

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “silverhawk1” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. Now that the price has been set, if Apple is ever forced to do this they know who much compensation they should be asking for for each iPhone they have to do this to.

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