Apple among top employers of Bernie Sanders donors

“US tech giants are definitely feeling the Bern. Google was the No. 1 employer of donors to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, according to analysis of findings released by the Federal Elections Commission, racking up in excess of $250,000,” Luke Lancaster reports for CNET.

“While the search giant clinched the top spot for employees who donated to the Democratic candidate’s campaign,” Lancaster reports, “it was joined by other tech mainstays Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, which rounded out the top five.”

Top five donors for each candidate:

Bernie Sanders (D)
Alphabet Inc – $254,814
University of California – $139,633
Microsoft Corp – $95,296
Apple Inc – $85,576 – $63,385

Hillary Clinton (D)
Soros Fund Management – $7,039,800
Laborers Union – $4,000,250
Euclidean Capital – $3,502,700
Pritzker Group – $2,814,343
Saban Capital Group – $2,531,995

Donald Trump (R)
Manchester Financial Group – $50,000
AON Corp – $27,700
Ajd Construction – $25,000
MDC Holdings – $10,800
Crown Acquisitions – $10,000

Ted Cruz (R)
Wilks Brothers – $15,064,000
Renaissance Technologies – $11,000,400
Quantum Energy Partners – $10,045,900
Uline Inc – $1,005,400
Kinetic Concepts – $513,500

John Kasich (R)
Boich Companies – $1,000,000
Tiger Management – $502,700
George Pearl Rd Ltd – $500,000
Duquesne Family Office – $450,250
Halcyon Financial Management – $300,000

Read more via and the Center for Responsive Politics here.

MacDailyNews Take: Interesting discrepancies among the sources and monetary totals (wildly so) for each candidate.


    1. Here we don’t go.

      With Bernie the socialist in power, Apple never would have had much of a chance of changing history. Taxes would be through the roof, with much lower disposable incomes.

  1. Money well spent, Apple employees! 😉

    Gee, I wonder who George Soros, that crooked old kook, wants installed in the White House to do his bidding before he shuffles off to burn in Hell for eternity?

    1. You mad bro?!
      You use the products that go against your political agenda? LMAO, you are just mad that you make yourself look dumb on a daily basis.

      Regardless of political beliefs, you have it coming since every article you always have to put some political agenda behind it when maybe, you should just comment on the facts given in the story.

      1. Those misguided, likely extremely young Apple employees, wouldn’t even have jobs if math-incapable fools like Bernie were in power. They – along with all the rest of us — would be trying to keep our ’57 Chevy’s running, just like the poor Cubans do today, imprisoned inside their crumbled socialist utopia that never was and never will be.

        There is no such thing as a free lunch.

        Government is not your mommy, nor it is Santa Claus.

        Wake up and smell the coffee someday.

        1. Seriously, your example is Cuba? That little country had the world’s superpower depressing its economy hard for decades, and it still manages to function. Why didn’t it completely collapse, like so many other countries the U.S. “helped”?
          Come on, dude, even you have to know that’s weak sauce.

          1. Cuba was propped up by the USSR (which also failed) and other socialists (as they came and went) for many years.

            Socialism uniformly dies. It never flourishes or succeeds because it goes against basic human nature. It is doomed to fail. Those who fail to learn from history are named Krioni.

            Partial list of socialist failures:

            People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (15 September 1963 – 1988)
            Republic of Bolivia (26 September 1969 – 21 August 1971)
            Burkina Faso (4 August 1984 – 15 October 1987)
            Union of Burma (4 January 1948 – 2 March 1962)
            Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (2 March 1962 – 23 September 1988)
            Republic of Cape Verde (8 July 1975 – 22 March 1991)
            State of Comoros (3 August 1975 – 13 May 1978)
            Republic of Egypt (23 July 1952 – 22 February 1958)
            Republic of Ghana (6 March 1957 – 24 February 1966), (31 December 1981 – 7 January 2001)
            People’s Revolutionary Republic of Guinea (2 October 1958 – 3 April 1984)
            Republic of Guinea-Bissau (24 September 1973 – 17 February 2000)
            Republic of Indonesia (18 August 1945 – 12 March 1967)
            Republic of Iraq (14 July 1958 – 8 February 1963)
            Libyan Arab Republic (1 September 1969 – 2 March 1977)
            Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (2 March 1977 – 2011)
            Democratic Republic of Madagascar (21 December 1975 – 19 August 1992)
            Republic of Mali (20 July 1960 – 19 November 1968)
            United Mexican States (5 February 1917 – 1 December 2000)
            Republic of Nicaragua (18 July 1979 – 25 April 1990)
            Republic of Panama (11 October 1968 – 31 July 1981)
            Republic of Peru (3 October 1968 – 30 August 1975)
            Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe (12 July 1975 – 3 April 1991)
            Republic of Senegal (6 September 1960 – 1 April 2000)
            Republic of Seychelles (5 June 1977 – 26 July 1992)
            Spanish Republic (14 April 1931 – 15 July 1939)
            Democratic Republic of Sudan (25 May 1969 – 10 October 1985)
            Republic of Suriname (25 February 1980 – 25 January 1988)
            Republic of Tanganyika (9 December 1962 – 26 April 1964)
            Republic of Uganda (15 April 1966 – 25 January 1971)
            Union of African States (23 November 1958 – 1962)
            Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1922–1991)
            United Arab Republic (22 February 1958 – 28 September 1961)
            Yemen Arab Republic (27 September 1962 – 22 May 1990)
            Republic of Zambia (24 October 1964 – 2 November 1991)
            People’s Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba (12 January – 26 April 1964)

            1. Socialism is excellent, however, at producing unproductive alcoholics, unless you count suicide as productive. Socialism is unparalleled at producing alcoholism and generating suicide.

              Something MDN once wrote regarding another subject sticks with me and is very apropos here:

              Business models that fly in the face of human nature are doomed to failure.

              The same goes for government, economic and social systems.

            2. You forgot the great socialist disaster ever, the first 9-11. Funny that you would bury it as you are always talking about the second 9-11.

              Socialism is a massive disaster because any democratically elected socialist government has to face the wrath of demoncratic terrorists who will wipe out that government and replace is with someone worthy, in the case of 9-11, someone known as Pinochet, a beacon of demoncratic light. I’m surprised your country hasn’t put his face on mount Bushmore or right beside the statue of what was once liberty.

  2. How about this……..leave the Socialist clowns and liars out of the mix and Apple gets back to making great things that function FLAWLESSLY…………………

    FOCUS Apple……..on Apple………..!!!

    1. I believe that Apple should focus more too but here in this issue I think it’s not Apple but Apple EMPLOYEES who are donating.

      “US tech giants are definitely feeling the Bern. Google was the No. 1 employer of donors to Bernie Sanders”

      I believe that Apple has a ‘match’ employees charity donations policy though. ( Jobs set that up so that Apple will be apolitical. I don’t know if that has changed).

  3. Bernie Sanders (D)
    Alphabet Inc – $254,814
    University of California – $139,633
    Microsoft Corp – $95,296
    Apple Inc – $85,576 – $63,385

    Considering the millions of dollars these companies make, who throw financial support for Bernie and his Socialist agenda, they sure don’t want to freely pay for it.

    I guess they are just waiting for Bernie’s government to take it from them as opposed to free will.

  4. If the problems stem from money and the influence it buys in Washington D.C., then the logical answer is to elect someone who is not beholden to other people’s and special interests’ money, even if he does mean to enforce U.S. laws instead of ignoring them for the sake of “diversity” (really means “cheap labor so we CEOs can buy more yachts) that never seems to deliver much beyond crime, drugs, murder, rampant unemployment, massive welfare fraud, and strife.

    If you want to vote for the guy the Washington D.D. elites fear and do not control, it sure isn’t silly old Bernie.

  5. I see the political wonders are out today.

    Until there is a change in the law, people can contribute to any candidate they wish. This is what we call “democracy”.

    That fellow, “First, 2014…” is just a bit delusional. His (or her) rants are pure Fox News talking points, only expressed in the manner of a dullard. The scenarios put forth by this poster would make for a quite dystopian society. Playing lose with the facts is never a pretty thing.

    The party that this poster supports has gone through two years of campaigning and come up with a racist, a bigot and a fascist all pursuing the highest office in the land.

    Ultimately, no politician cares about you. And the only thing worse than the political class is the whining sycophants who follow them as if they were rock stars.

    1. How do you figure that???? Because Honest Don the Used Democracy Salesman told you?

      Trump refuses to release his tax returns as promised, so you have no way to verify how his campaign was funded, or if he is actually donating his salary as promised either. Donny has a bad track record of paying contractors, you know. Senility is a terrible thing.

  6. Since corporations cannot vote – or should not – what we really have today is a real Corporatocracy and not a Republic. Italy experienced that and it was known as Fascism under Mussolini.

    Apple needs to stay out of politics and get back to doing what it has done best – make great products people don’t know they need until they see them.

  7. You Americans really are dreadful when it comes to politics. You have a right-of-centre Party (Democrats), and a far-right-of-centre Party (Republicans), yet the latter call the former ‘liberals’ without knowing the meaning of the word, perverting it into something derogatory.

    Both allegedly represent the public but, in reality, are beholden to the interests and agendas of owners of business/banks/capital/et al, rather than the employees (the “workers”) and the majority citizenry.

    As soon as someone else comes along on the national stage with a proven track record of making things work using an alternative method, the two Parties get The Fear and denounce him as a “socialist” and/or a “communist”, with the same paranoid, scaremongering vitriol as Sen. Joe McCarthy seeing ‘Reds under the bed’ everywhere he looked.

    That’s crazy.

    When will you learn that Sanders is neither of those things, merely slightly left-of-centre and not anti-business at all?

    In Europe and most of the rest of the world, he would be called a centrist moderate.

    Elections are ugly, brutal affairs as it is. It would be something if Americans, at the very least for the sake of their own dignity, ended the inane smear campaigns, character assassination and false name calling against the underdog and were honest for a change about the real world outcomes of their own manifesto’s.

    You see, the world is watching this election with great interest. We see it as America’s IQ Test and, so far, it’s not looking too good. Not looking good at all.

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