Hey Apple, how about shipping a new computer sometime?

Rob Pegoraro writes for Yahoo Finance, “As I was fussing over yet another glitch on my aging iMac the other night and, while doing so, relying on my slightly less senior MacBook Air, two thoughts ran through my head: 1) I’ve probably waited long enough to replace a 2009-vintage desktop on which the optical drive and SD card slot no longer work reliably and a 2012-vintage laptop that’s seen so much use the N key’s black coating is starting to wear off. 2) If I wanted to replace either computer with a Mac that itself qualifies as ‘new,’ I might have to wait even longer.”

“As of Friday morning, the MacBook Air had gone 403 days since its last update, while the Mac mini had seen 547 days elapse since its most recent refresh, and the Mac Pro had scratched out 848 days on a jail-cell wall since its December 2013 debut,” Pegoraro writes. “Many of these computers run Intel processors a full generation behind those available in competing hardware. Contrary to Apple’s sales pitch for the current MacBook Air, the fifth-generation Intel Core i5 is not ‘new’: Intel began shipping the sixth generation last summer.”

Pegoraro writes, “It’s enough to make a Mac user wish that the company formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc., would restore its attention to computers first, spaceship-shaped corporate campuses and electric cars second.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Patience, padawan. Always in motion, the future is. Much longer now, it will not be.

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