Apple to launch new ‘ultra-thin’ MacBooks soon, may feature metal injection molding-made hinges

“Apple is ready to launch new ultra-thin MacBooks in the second half of 2016,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“US-based Amphenol has recently joined Apple’s supply chain to supply hinges and is likely to take some orders away from existing partners Shin Zu Shing (SZS) and Jarllytec, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Lee and Tsai report. “To achieve an ultra-thin design, Apple’s new MacBooks adopt metal injection molding-made (MIM) hinges.”

Lee and Tsai report, “Amphenol is also a hinge supplier of Microsoft for its Surface Pro [sic] [recte Surface Book] because of its special designed hinge.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, our new MacBooks – can’t wait!


      1. Pretty much just the SSD drive. I said “upgradeability” while actually thinking about potentially losing multiple types of ports (USB, Thunderbolt, SD).. I just don’t think desirable features should not be sacrificed at the altar of slim design. In some ways I wish Apple had differentiated pro and consumer models of their entire line, which is never going to happen.

  1. That’s cool, but I’d rather have a Solid State Drive and a hard drive in the same laptop. The best configuration would be a 512 gigabyte Solid State Drive and a 2 terabyte hard drive.

    But I also want upgradeable RAM. $200 is a lot for a RAM upgrade. It should only cost either the difference between the standard amount and the upgrade or what it would cost you to upgrade it yourself. You also shouldn’t have to get the upgrade at the time of purchase if you don’t think you’ll need it.

    I’m not saying Apple is greedy. Well, not exactly. Maybe just unrealistic. How do you know you’ll need 16 gigabytes of RAM 5-7 years from when you buy your Mac? I realize that Apple is trying to make money from upgrades, but it don’t need to; it’s already the most profitable company. Doesn’t Apple sell enough iPhones to be able to give us realistic prices on Configure-to-Order RAM and storage upgrades? It’s bad enough that they’re making it impossible for you to upgrade the RAM and storage yourself. Can’t they at least make their upgrade pricing more realistic?

    1. Not trying to tell you what you want but I used to think the same thing then I bought myself some portable externals…if you haven’t looked at them lately with USB3.0 (and now 3.1 I suppose) they are so fast they feel like an internal drive. Right now I’d rather have a 512 internal drive and a 1TB external than even a 2TB spinning drive…just so stupid fast.

        1. Ultimately, a mix is appropriate, as one should want to have easy-to-take-offline backups so that one power surge doesn’t kill all copies. But by the same token, having the first Time Machine backup be internal means one fewer cable & power cord….and, no ideas of “cloud” stuff doesn’t cut it because of just how lousy American ISP have made our home pipes: imagine not being able to do a recovery because you’re over your monthly quota, etc.

    2. At 5 years Apple labels computers Vintage and offers no further support. At 7 years parts are no longer available. Buy a NEW ONE, KEEP APPLE IN BUSINESS!!!!

      1. I wouldn’t fret about declining Mac sales being the end of Apple. Apple derives most of its profits from iPhone sales, not Mac sales. Besides, one of the reasons for buying a Mac is the 10-year lifespan. A Mac costs twice as much as a Windows PC and lasts twice as long.

        As long as my Macbook’s logic board keeps working, I don’t have to worry about replacement parts. Besides, Apple Approved Service Providers keep replacement parts longer than Apple, which allows them to repair older Macs.

        1. Macs last twice as long if you buy them when Apple first releases them.

          Buying a Mac Pro with its aging specs and lack of upgradability (relative to previous Mac Pro designs) is an example where the Apple long-life advantage fails.

      2. Yeah, poor little Apple. On the ropes. Desperate for every sale. You’re thinking 1997. Apple is one of the most profitable companies, built on overcharging people.

        1. One thing is for sure: nobody feels sorry for Apple. Even those who expect it to enter a decline at any time…and have expected it for the past ten years. It’s those folks I feel sorry for.

  2. …And when will Apple bring back a real Mac Pro Truck for pros?
    (Supporting extra CG including CUDA support, changeable ram and lots of free and easy to reach slots)

  3. My MacBook Pro (2014) has all the ports I need. I would not want fewer ports for the privilege of thinness. I am reluctant to sacrifice functionality and convenience for a fashion statement.

  4. I…CAN’T….WAIT – yes PLEASE

    I LOVE the new Macbook now just give me one in 13″ with just 1 more USB-C (Thunder Bolt 3 capable) port and I’m in HEAVEN!!!!

    1. I also love my MacBook though I still use a MacBook Pro too.

      But for travel, the MacBook, MacBook USB-C charger, and USB-C to lightening cable (for charging iPhone and iPad Pro with the MacBook charger) makes for a very light/complete set of tools to carry!

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